Version Control With Git & Github, Bitbucket

Published 8/2022
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Step by Step guide to file Version Control tool GIT with GitHub, BitBucket & Jenkins | DevOps CI/CD Starter
What you’ll learn
Master essential Git workflow: add, commit, status, log
Working with local and remote repositories
Working with Git branches
Understanding Git behind the scenes
About Git objects like trees, blobs, commits, etc
Understand Git merges and resolving merge conflicts
Master collaboration workflows like pull, fork & clone, etc.
Understand Git merge vs Git reset
Using Git diff to see changes over time
Marking releases and versions using Git tags
Windows or Linux PC with Internet connection
Basic computer skillset
Version control systems is a central component for any file based project. Weather you are a Software Developer, QA Engineer, or a Project Manager, chances are that you might have already heard about version control systems and probably about GIT. Well even if you are not in software engineering field, Git will be helpful to version control any files or store your files for free in cloud based repo like GitHub.Git is a third generation version control system and far more improved tool if compared to the previous version control tools like SVN. In this course on Git, we will start from the fundamentals and learn each and every crucial command in detail with good real life scenarios and in a easy way. Starting from installing the git tool, creating repository, cloning, pushing to central cloud storage, and to more intimidating concepts like merge, re-bases, resolving conflicts and others will be covered in abundance and easy to understand details. It also covers the usage of the popular online Git hosting platforms GitHub or Bitbucket and describes typical Git workflows which are considered as good practice.This books starts with an introduction into distributed version control systems – GIT. It continues to describe the basic Git terminology and how you can install and configure your Git tools in Windows and Linux based machines.Best way to learn GIT is by using the cmdline, we’ll see some Linux based cmds that will sure help you follow through easily with git-bash.Since most of the work we do with GIT are on our local systems. Next we move on to see GIT in your local system. You will learn important cmds related to adding files, committing, see differences between versions, and of-course you will see some of the internals – what is happening inside GIT, and few cmds related to that.Most time we all work in a team and its absolutely necessary to share and collaborate on our work. Next up we move on to working with remote repo like GitHub. Pushing, pulling, merges, etc will be covered in details. The course covers merging and re-basing changes and provides all the necessary details to help your smoothy master them.Branches are an important concept, and its the strength of GIT. You’ll learn about branches, how and where its used and the essential commands to work with branches in GIT. Also you learn how to connect to remote repositories and how to use branches and tags with them.Since BitBucket is another popular Git hosting platforms and highly used in companies, we’ll see how we can work with it.Apart from the topics on GIT, you will have a multiple sessions of GIT with the most popular CI/CD tool called Jenkins. Here you will learn how GIT works in CI/CD env – code checkout, build, automated build triggers, etc. This will give you a good understanding of not only GIT but also how its used in Continuous Integration environments, which is how build are made now a days.After finishing this course you should be able to perform all of the basic steps necessary to create and host your own Git-based repositories. Also a good understanding of how it works in CI/CD DevOps environment.Good Luck and see you in the course!Thanks!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 About Git
Section 2: Installs, Configs & more
Lecture 3 Section Overview
Lecture 4 Installing Git
Lecture 5 Configuring Git(Windows)(1/2)
Lecture 6 Configuring Git(Windows)(2/2)
Lecture 7 Configuring Git Credentials(Windows)
Lecture 8 Installing Git(Linux)
Lecture 9 GitHub Account Creation
Lecture 10 GitHub Repository Creation
Section 3: GIT Bash Cmd line basics
Lecture 11 Git-Bash cmds(1/2)
Lecture 12 Git-Bash cmds(2/2)
Lecture 13 Linux Cmds reference
Section 4: Local Repo(1/2)
Lecture 14 Three Areas/States
Lecture 15 Initializing Git(1/2)
Lecture 16 Initializing Git Demo(2/2)
Lecture 17 How Git Stores
Lecture 18 Whats HEAD
Lecture 19 Coming Next!
Lecture 20 Adding files
Lecture 21 Checking Status
Lecture 22 Saving/Commit to Git
Lecture 23 Checking Log
Lecture 24 See Differences(1/2)
Lecture 25 See Differences(2/2)
Section 5: Local Repo(2/2)
Lecture 26 Note about Staging/Index Area
Lecture 27 Rename Files
Lecture 28 Remove Files
Lecture 29 Undoing changes/Remove commits
Lecture 30 Undoing Changes: Reset Explained
Lecture 31 Reset Demo
Lecture 32 Reset vs Checkout
Lecture 33 Detached head
Section 6: Remote Repo
Lecture 34 Copy/Cloning from Remote
Lecture 35 Exploring Remote Repo
Lecture 36 Create & Push to Remote Repo
Lecture 37 Pushing updates
Lecture 38 Configuring Git Remote Opts
Lecture 39 Fetch Remote Changes(Intro)
Lecture 40 Fetch Remote Changes(Demo)
Lecture 41 Merging Types
Lecture 42 Merge Conflicts
Lecture 43 Rebasing While Pull
Section 7: Git Branching
Lecture 44 What is Branches
Lecture 45 Create alias for long cmd
Lecture 46 Git branch Cmds
Lecture 47 Pushing To Remote(1/2)
Lecture 48 Pushing To Remote(2/2)
Lecture 49 Create Branch(demo 1/3)
Lecture 50 Create Branch(demo 2/3)
Lecture 51 Create Branch(demo 3/3)
Lecture 52 Branch Operations(1/2)
Lecture 53 Branch Operations(2/2)
Lecture 54 Scenario: Pull-Merge
Section 8: Git With BitBucket
Lecture 55 BitBucket vs GitHub
Lecture 56 BitBucket Repo Create
Lecture 57 BitBucket Push
Section 9: Git with SSH
Lecture 58 SSH Connection To BitBucket
Lecture 59 Multiple SSH Connection
Section 10: Conclusion
Lecture 60 Thanks!
Anyone interested in learning Git or version control files in computer,Anyone planning to enter a tech world,QA Engineers, Software developers, data scientists, Managers, IT engineers, DevOps, etc.


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