Learn How To Protect & Restore Yourself From Negative Energy

Last updated 12/2022
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Ideal for Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers, Empaths, and Anyone Drained by Daily Stress

What you’ll learn
Obtain an accredited Energetic Protection Certificate
How to energetically protect yourself from negative energy
How to send energetic protection to others
Find out if you’re an empath
Disconnect from all types of negativity
How to identify the source of negative energy
Be able to quickly restore your own energy reserves
Be able to easily engage your intuition
How to use other tools to increase energetic protection
Understand what their energy body and aura is
Have an open mind and open heart
Have access to the internet
Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
Be able to download and view PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP3 files
For years I’ve been asked "How do you protect yourself?" – energetically speaking – given the number of healing sessions and student attunement ceremonies I do each week. In response to that, I found myself explaining in bits & pieces here and there, and only to those who asked.Whilst I teach simple protection steps in most of my courses, it became apparent that I needed to look closely at my routine (which has just become second-nature over time), document it, and share it with others. I’ve not just done this "deep dive" into protection for my fellow Reki practitioners and energy healers, but also for those who work in emotionally demanding jobs (such as healthcare workers) and for those who are really sensitive to the negative energy of others (such as empaths)….so here we are!These techniques are ones I use everyday in what I call Energetic Protection. In this course, you’ll learn what energy is and how you fit into the Energy Field, how to engage and listen to your intuition, identify the source of the negativity, how to use specific tools and techniques for protection, how to restore your energy, as well go through my step-by-step process in order to safeguard that beautiful energy of yours!To help you learn all my energetic protection steps, your enrollment comes with a 100+ page handbook (PDF), plus helpful worksheets (PDF), as well as practice audios (MP3) to use when you’re offline.By the end of our journey together, you’ll be able to implement protection steps that help preserve and restore your energy levels so you can live your best life, every day.For existing students and graduates, you’ll see a little bit of ‘cross-over’ in some sections. But the protection material here goes deeper (with more detail) than any of my other courses – as well as includes a significant amount of new helpful content, too! In short, the skills you pick up from this course will be a wonderful way to safeguard your healing gifts!Please note: Completing this course does *not* qualify the graduate in any particular type of healing modality – it’s purely a ‘deep dive’ into the energetic protection component of life. As such, it’s a ‘no experience required’ course for everyone, but would be considered ‘further learning’ for those who are Reiki practitioners, energy healers, empaths, therapists, or healthcare workers.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Who can use this and what you’ll learn
Lecture 3 Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa
Lecture 4 A quick note about what this course *isn’t*
Lecture 5 Download your course handbook (PDF)
Section 2: Chapter 1. The energy context
Lecture 6 Everything’s energy
Lecture 7 – The energy body
Lecture 8 – The Aura chart
Lecture 9 All energy is connected
Lecture 10 Energy can change
Section 3: Chapter 2. What is energetic protection?
Lecture 11 Energetic protection introduction
Lecture 12 Is this for real?
Lecture 13 To the point (your neural pathway)
Lecture 14 Energy vibrations
Lecture 15 Your vibration channel
Lecture 16 – What channel are you on?
Lecture 17 Take your time to understand
Section 4: Chapter 3. Preparation Step #1
Lecture 18 Engaging the true you introduction
Lecture 19 Empathy versus Empaths
Lecture 20 – Am I an empath? (quiz)
Lecture 21 – Empath quiz result explanations
Lecture 22 Your true self (intuition)
Lecture 23 – Steps to engage your true self
Lecture 24 – How do I know it’s THE answer?
Section 5: Chapter 4. Preparation Step #2
Lecture 25 Identifying the source introduction
Lecture 26 Eliminate the obvious: you
Lecture 27 – From physical sources
Lecture 28 – From emotional sources
Lecture 29 Is it someone else?
Lecture 30 Is it from something else?
Lecture 31 – Steps to find out if ‘something else’ is there
Lecture 32 – Is negative energy stronger than me?
Lecture 33 – Energy detox vs. negative symptoms (in relation to healing sessions)
Lecture 34 Seeking professional help
Section 6: Chapter 5. The various components
Lecture 35 Various protection components introduction
Lecture 36 Using words (affirmations)
Lecture 37 Using actions (physical cues)
Lecture 38 Using surroundings (simple changes)
Lecture 39 Using thoughts (avoid triggers)
Lecture 40 – Disconnecting steps
Lecture 41 The essential Upper (Higher) Heart Chakra
Lecture 42 – Other tools: protective crystals
Lecture 43 – Other tools: protection grid using crystals
Lecture 44 – Other tools: triangle grid (on body) using crystals
Lecture 45 – Other tools: grounding grid (on body) using crystals
Lecture 46 – Other tools: energy release mudra
Lecture 47 – Other tools: protective Feng Shui (for your home)
Lecture 48 Restoring Your Energy
Lecture 49 – Restoring energy tool: energy charging mudra
Lecture 50 – Grounding (Earthing)
Section 7: Chapter 6. Energetic Protection (Step-by-Step)
Lecture 51 Energetic protection steps introduction
Lecture 52 Protection Steps: general all-purpose
Lecture 53 – Practice audio and the written general "all-purpose" steps
Lecture 54 A note about specific protection
Lecture 55 Protection steps: identified source (eg. a person or thing)
Lecture 56 – Practice audio and the written "identified source" steps
Lecture 57 Protection steps: from a space (eg. place or location)
Lecture 58 – Practice audio and the written "space" steps
Lecture 59 Protection steps: from the past or future (eg. memories or fears)
Lecture 60 – Practice audio and the written "past or future" steps
Lecture 61 Protection steps: from ethereal realms
Lecture 62 – Practice audio and the written "Ethereal realms" steps
Lecture 63 Specifically for empaths, healers, and healthcare workers
Section 8: Chapter 7. Sending Protection
Lecture 64 Sending protection vs. sending healing
Lecture 65 Protection steps: sending to another
Lecture 66 – Practice audio and the written ‘sending protection’ steps
Lecture 67 Adding a specific protection intention
Lecture 68 A little further clarification
Section 9: FAQ and Course Completion
Lecture 69 Frequently Asked Questions
Lecture 70 A thank you from Melissa 🙂
Lecture 71 ♥ Bonus Lecture
Anyone who faces or gets affected by negative energy on a regular basis,Reiki Practitioners,Energy Healers,Crystal Healers,Empaths,Healthcare Workers,Counselors and Therapists,Massage Therapists,Other close-contact Therapists



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