Yoga As Meditation 2019

Last updated 3/2019
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Yoga the traditional way of the sages

What you’ll learn
To gain a basic understanding of what it means to say that Yoga IS meditation
Easily be able to perform short self-guided meditations
To practice meditation systematically with body, breath, conscious and unconscious mind, and beyond
To understand the difference between modern postural yoga and traditional yoga which is about meditation
The title of Yoga AS meditation is only because most people think of Yoga as physical, while it traditionally IS all about meditation.
Yoga is traditionally about transcending mind, and is practiced both as seated meditation and meditation in action during daily life.
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*******Over 13,000 students are enrolled in this course*******"Yoga As Meditation" is a process of blending with and expanding on what you are already doing, not a process of replacing one with the other. An increasing number of postural yoga teachers and students are exploring the more traditional meaning of yoga practices as methods of meditation and contemplation intended to lead to Self-realization, or enlightenment, awakening to the ever peaceful, joyous center of consciousness which is one with the absolute reality. This course is designed to be an introduction to that process, to the fact that yoga really does mean "union" of the individual self with the universal Self. Yoga is a whole life process. Ultimately, there is only one Yoga with many aspects. Meditation is so much at the core of traditional Yoga that Yoga virtually IS Meditation.
Section 1: Introduction to Yoga as Meditation
Lecture 1 Introduction to the course
Lecture 2 Q&A Button
Lecture 3 Introduction to the Instructor
Lecture 4 Introduction to Yoga as Meditation #1
Lecture 5 Introduction to Yoga as Meditation #2
Lecture 6 Yoga Sutras Basics
Section 2: The Art and Science of Systematic Practice
Lecture 7 Art and Science #1
Lecture 8 Art and Science #2
Lecture 9 Brief article on "Art and Science"
Lecture 10 Systematically #1
Lecture 11 Systematically #2
Lecture 12 Brief article on "Systematically"
Lecture 13 11-Minute Meditation – Explanation
Lecture 14 11-Minute guided meditation DOWNLOAD
Section 3: Observing, Accepting, Understanding, and Training
Lecture 15 Observing #1
Lecture 16 Observing #2
Lecture 17 Brief article on "Observing"
Lecture 18 Witness Everything
Lecture 19 Yogic Self-Awareness Assessment
Lecture 20 Accepting #1
Lecture 21 Accepting #2
Lecture 22 Brief article on "Accepting"
Lecture 23 Understanding #1
Lecture 24 Understanding #2
Lecture 25 Brief article on "Understanding"
Lecture 26 Training #1
Lecture 27 Training #2
Lecture 28 Brief article on "Training"
Lecture 29 Observing, Accepting, Understanding, and Training
Lecture 30 Attention-Concentration-Meditation-Samadhi
Section 4: Each of the Levels of our Being
Lecture 31 Each #1
Lecture 32 Each #2
Lecture 33 Brief article on "Each"
Lecture 34 Seven Levels
Lecture 35 Yoga in the Mandukya Upanishad
Lecture 36 Levels #1
Lecture 37 Levels #2
Lecture 38 Brief article on "Levels"
Lecture 39 Being
Lecture 40 Brief article on "Being"
Lecture 41 Koshas or Sheaths
Lecture 42 Is One of the Levels the Outside World?
Lecture 43 Soham Mantra meditation
Lecture 44 Guided Soham Mantra Kriya
Lecture 45 Sohum Mantra DOWNLOAD
Section 5: Coordination and Integration
Lecture 46 Coordinate and Integrate #1
Lecture 47 Coordinate and Integrate #2
Lecture 48 Brief article on "Coordinate"
Lecture 49 Brief article on "Integrate"
Lecture 50 Meditation: A Universal Process
Lecture 51 Soham and Gazing/Trataka
Section 6: Aspects of Ourselves
Lecture 52 Aspects
Lecture 53 Brief article on "Aspects"
Lecture 54 Ourselves
Lecture 55 Brief article on "Ourselves"
Lecture 56 Om Practice – 30 Minutes
Lecture 57 Om Practice DOWNLOAD
Lecture 58 Yoga Nidra
Section 7: Dwell in Direct Experience of the Center of Consciousness
Lecture 59 Non-dual Consciousness and Practice
Lecture 60 Dwell #1
Lecture 61 Dwell #2
Lecture 62 Brief article on "Dwell"
Lecture 63 Direct Experience
Lecture 64 Brief article on "Direct Experience"
Lecture 65 Center of Consciousness
Lecture 66 Brief article on "Center of Consciousness"
Lecture 67 30-Minute Meditation – Explanation
Lecture 68 30-Minute meditation Download
Lecture 69 Yoga Sutras 1.1-1.5
Lecture 70 End
Lecture 71 Our Wish for You
Lecture 72 BONUS: Resources
Teachers and students of postural yoga who want to go a step further into the more traditional practice of yoga as meditation,Yoga practitioners whose first encounter with yoga has been as meditation, rather than as a physical practice,People who already have any kind of background in yoga and/or meditation.


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