Effective Cryptography

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Published 11/2023
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Learn Cryptography in a unique way

What you’ll learn
Have an understanding of the fundamental concepts in cryptography
Have a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical concepts that contribute to modern cryptography
Have a detailed understanding of common cryptographic algorithms like DES, 3DES, AES, RSA, ECC, etc.
Have an understanding of what VPNs, TLS, S/MIME, Disk Encryption are and how they operate
Have an understanding of how PKI cryptosystems are used for secure communications
1. Windows PC
2. Interest in information security and how to secure data
This course is what you need to learn all about cryptography and level up on your skills in information security. With this course, you will understand and learn how to implement effective cryptography into systems and applications to protect data and secure communication. In today’s world, our lives and interactions with people require that we must communicate with others. Sometimes this communication will be with people we know and other times, with total strangers. What gives us comfort when we communicate with people we do not know? Is it that the information we provide is confidential and protected from unauthorized access or that we can have a level of trust for that stranger at the other end of the communication line? As we navigate this daily essential part of our lives, we need to have a level of assurance that our communications and data are secure and cryptography plays a very important role with this. Cryptography enables secure communication as it protects data in transit which is data sent over a communication medium like the internet for instance when we buy things from eBay or Amazon). It can also protect data at rest when data is stored on the hard disk of a computer or on a USB thumb drive. It is important to note that while cryptography is essential for secure communications, its implementation is most important as it can lead to a false sense of security if it is not implemented properly.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What you will learn
Section 2: Basic Concepts
Lecture 3 Objectives
Lecture 4 What is the challenge with communication across an untrusted medium
Lecture 5 What is Cryptography
Lecture 6 Security by obscurity is not security
Lecture 7 Why learn Cryptography
Lecture 8 The key is the key
Lecture 9 Data Representation and Number System
Lecture 10 Prime Numbers
Lecture 11 Summary
Section 3: Cryptosystems
Lecture 12 Objectives
Lecture 13 Key terms related to cryptography
Lecture 14 Overview of Cryptology
Lecture 15 Modulo Functions
Lecture 16 Monoalphabetic and Polyalphabetic Ciphers
Lecture 17 Caesar Cipher
Lecture 18 Demo Caesar Cipher
Lecture 19 Vigenère Cipher
Lecture 20 Demo Vigenère Cipher
Lecture 21 The unbreakable cipher
Lecture 22 Goals of Cryptography
Lecture 23 Cryptosystems
Lecture 24 Keys
Lecture 25 Key Space
Lecture 26 Cryptography at a larger scale
Lecture 27 The challenge of secure communication
Lecture 28 XOR
Lecture 29 Encryption
Lecture 30 Decryption
Lecture 31 Summary
Section 4: Cryptographic Algorithms
Lecture 32 Objectives
Lecture 33 Types of Cryptosystems
Lecture 34 Symmetric Key Cryptosystem
Lecture 35 Techniques in Symmetric Encryption
Lecture 36 Stream Ciphers
Lecture 37 Block Ciphers
Lecture 38 Modes of Operation of Block Ciphers
Lecture 39 Block Cipher Primitives Confusion and Diffusion
Lecture 40 DES
Lecture 41 Weakness in DES
Lecture 42 DES is not a Group
Lecture 43 Meet in the Middle Attack
Lecture 44 Demo DES
Lecture 45 3DES
Lecture 46 AES
Lecture 47 AES Algorithm
Lecture 48 AES with CBC
Lecture 49 Demo AES
Lecture 50 Asymmetric Key Cryptosystem
Lecture 51 Problems with Symmetric Encryption
Lecture 52 Asymmetric Key Cryptosystems
Lecture 53 Mathematics behind Asymmetric Encryption
Lecture 54 Essential Number Theory for Public Key Algorithms
Lecture 55 Euclidean Algorithm
Lecture 56 Relative Prime Numbers
Lecture 57 Modular Exponentiation
Lecture 58 Multiplicative Inverse
Lecture 59 Main Use of Asymmetric keys
Lecture 60 Concepts in Cryptography
Lecture 61 Difficulty of Factoring a Large Integer into Its Two Prime Factors
Lecture 62 Difficulty of Solving the Discrete Logarithm Problem for Finite Fields
Lecture 63 Difficulty of Solving Discrete Logarithm Problem as Applied to Elliptic Curves
Lecture 64 RSA
Lecture 65 Basic Steps to Create an RSA Public Private Key Pair
Lecture 66 Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Lecture 67 Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Lecture 68 How does Diffie-Hellman work
Lecture 69 Demo Diffie-Hellman
Lecture 70 Hash Functions
Lecture 71 What is Collision in Hashing
Lecture 72 Use of Hash in Password
Lecture 73 MD5
Lecture 74 Secure Hash Algorithm
Lecture 75 Hash Based Message Authentication Code
Lecture 76 Summary
Section 5: Applying Cryptography
Lecture 77 Objectives
Lecture 78 Transport Layer Security
Lecture 79 Cipher Suite
Lecture 80 Typical Enterprise Network
Lecture 81 Virtual Private Networks
Lecture 82 VPN Advantages
Lecture 83 VPN Disadvantages
Lecture 84 Types of Remote Access VPN
Lecture 85 IP Security Protocol
Lecture 86 Authentication Header (AH)
Lecture 87 Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)
Lecture 88 Security Associations (SA)
Lecture 89 Transport Mode
Lecture 90 Tunnel Mode
Lecture 91 IPsec Key Management
Lecture 92 SSL VPN
Lecture 93 VPN Components
Lecture 94 Watch that VPN
Lecture 95 Secure Email with SMIME
Lecture 96 Demo SMIME
Lecture 97 Full Disk Encryption
Lecture 98 Problem of Asymmetric Algorithms
Lecture 99 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Lecture 100 Digital Certificates
Lecture 101 Certificate Authority (CA)
Lecture 102 Key Management and Certificate Lifecycle
Lecture 103 Use cases of PKI Certificates
Lecture 104 PKI Components
Lecture 105 Digital Signature
Lecture 106 Demo Digital Signatures
Lecture 107 Summary
1. Students taking cryptography as a course,2. Anyone interested in the field of information security



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