Equine Bodywork for Beginners Module 1 – The Neck

Free Download Equine Bodywork for Beginners Module 1 – The Neck
Published 7/2024
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Introduction to muscle anatomy and bodywork techniques for your horse’s neck.

What you’ll learn
Learn to identify a few important muscles of your horses neck and how they function.
Perform a simple visual assessment of each of these muscles for healthy function.
Read your horse’s body language and signals to gauge what bodywork movements are beneficial for your horse
Perform gentle bodywork techniques specific to each muscle to help gradually relieve tension from each area
Bond with your horse through touch.
Gain insight into potential causes of dysfunction within each of the muscles covered.
No prior experience needed, but as this is a course designed for non-professionals, please watch the free preview videos to assess whether the horse you will be working with is a candidate for DIY bodywork.
You would benefit from having a horse to practice on, but you can also take this course to gain deeper insight into muscle function of the horse’s neck.
This is a short course designed for owners and trainers. In this first module you will learn about the function of the neck in locomotion, as well as 4 very important muscles of the neck which I believe every horse owner or trainer should know about. You will learn to identify each of these 4 muscles, perform a basic visual assessment of each one, and apply simple but effective techniques to reduce tension in each one. There are 3 or more techniques per muscle, with a clear video with audio demonstrating and explaining how to perform each one, as well as the nuances of how each technique and each protocol can be modified to suit the individual horse. The techniques are gentle and non-invasive but they are also very effective.. They work accumulatively, which means that the more you do them, the better they work. You will be working with your horse’s nervous system to create lasting positive changes.You will learn about the function of each of the 4 muscles in this course, and common causes of pain, dysfunction, or tension in each one.You will also learn how to perform a simple visual assessment of a horse’s neck overall. Most importantly, you will learn to read your horse’s body language and work with your horse to relieve tension in their neck.This course is designed to provide a rewarding and beneficial way to deepen your bond with your horse through touch.There are many online courses about bodywork or anatomy, but as so many of them are costly and contain quite an overwhelming amount of information to absorb, I created this course as a way for you to gently dip your toe into the world of equine anatomy and bodywork. I decided to release this course in 5 separate modules, to keep the amount of information in each one to a comfortable amount. This way you can also choose to start with the parts of the body you are most interested in, or you can take all of the modules in order to gain a more holistic overview of your horse’s body. I will release a total of 5 simple modules on 5 important areas of the body: The Neck, The Shoulders & Thoracic Sling, The Back & Ribcage, The Hindquarters, and The Head & Poll.These modules should provide a great foundation should you wish to study bodywork further, and also if you wish to explore the world of biomechanics in your training. However, please note that this is not a certification course and will not enable you to practice as a professional equine bodyworker. Practicing as a professional bodyworker is something that is regulated differently in every country, and many countries and states require that you have a recognized qualification to provide equine bodywork as a paid service. That is not the purpose of this course.I have decided to release each module as I create it, so I hope you gain value from this first one!
Who this course is for
This course is intended as a gentle introduction to basic muscle anatomy and bodywork for horse owners. It is designed to be simple, easy to understand, and to provide a relaxing and beneficial activity that you can do safely with your horse.
This is not a qualification course, but is ideal for those who are curious about equine bodywork and would like to have a basic understanding of the muscle anatomy of their horse’s neck.
This course is designed to be an affordable option for those who wish to learn more about their horse’s bodies, but are perhaps overwhelmed by the cost, and sheer volume of information in most courses that are available online!

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