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Painting Abstract Landscapes In Procreate

Painting Abstract Landscapes In Procreate
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Welcome to Painting Abstract Landscapes in Procreate!After taking this class, you will be able to paint your own abstract landscape design to match your personal space.


Abstract Data Types and Algorithms

Abstract Data Types and Algorithms by Manoochehr Azmoodeh
English | PDF | 1990 | 395 Pages | ISBN : 0333512103 | 14.5 MB
Intended as a second course on programming with data structures, this book is based on the notion of an abstract data type which is defined as an abstract mathematical model with a defined set of operations. The specification of data types and their corresponding operations are presented in a form directly representable in a Pascal-like language. Part 1 begins by examining the time and space requirements of computer algorithms and develops a notation which is used in the remainder of the book to compare various implementations of abstract data types. Part 2 further describes many algorithms and common techniques for developing efficient algorithms using abstract data types. Programming paradigms such as divide and conquer, dynamic programming, graph searching, tabulation techniques and radomized algorithms are discussed.


Abstract Algebra An Introduction with Applications, 3rd Edition (De Gruyter Textbook)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 3110340860, 3110686104 | 456 pages | True PDF EPUB | 52.61 MB
This is a high level introduction to abstract algebra which is aimed at readers whose interests lie in mathematics and in the information and physical sciences. In addition to introducing the main concepts of modern algebra, the book contains numerous applications, which are intended to illustrate the concepts and to convince the reader of the utility and relevance of algebra today. In particular applications to Polya coloring theory, latin squares, Steiner systems and error correcting codes are described. Another feature of the book is that group theory and ring theory are carried further than is often done at this level. There is ample material here for a two semester course in abstract algebra.


A Friendly Introduction to Abstract Algebra

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1470468816 | 404 pages | True PDF | 10.72 MB
A Friendly Introduction to Abstract Algebra offers a new approach to laying a foundation for abstract mathematics. Prior experience with proofs is not assumed, and the book takes time to build proof-writing skills in ways that will serve students through a lifetime of learning and creating mathematics.


Abstract Algebra A First Course, 2nd Edition (Textbooks in Mathematics)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032289392 | 557 pages | True EPUB | 5.99 MB
When a student of mathematics studies abstract algebra, he or she inevitably faces questions in the vein of, “What is abstract algebra” or “What makes it abstract?” Algebra, in its broadest sense, describes a way of thinking about classes of sets equipped with binary operations. In high school algebra, a student explores properties of operations (+, -, x, and รท) on real numbers. Abstract algebra studies properties of operations without specifying what types of number or object we work with. Any theorem established in the abstract context holds not only for real numbers but for every possible algebraic structure that has operations with the stated properties. This textbook intends to serve as a first course in abstract algebra. The selection of topics serves both of the common trends in such a course: a balanced introduction to groups, rings, and fields; or a course that primarily emphasizes group theory. The writing style is student-centered, conscientiously motivating definitions and offering many illustrative examples. Various sections or sometimes just examples or exercises introduce applications to geometry, number theory, cryptography and many other areas. This book offers a unique feature in the lists of projects at the end of each section. the author does not view projects as just something extra or cute, but rather an opportunity for a student to work on and demonstrate their potential for open-ended investigation. The projects ideas come in two flavors: investigative or expository. The investigative projects briefly present a topic and posed open-ended questions that invite the student to explore the topic, asking and to trying to answer their own questions. Expository projects invite the student to explore a topic with algebraic content or pertain to a particular mathematician’s work through responsible research. The exercises challenge the student to prove new results using the theorems presented in the text. The student then becomes an active participant in the development of the field. Table of Contents 1. Groups. 2. Quotient Groups. 3. Rings. 4. Divisibility in Integral Domains. 5. Field Extensions. 6. Topics in Group Theory. A. Appendix.