Happiness Samurai by Manny Anchan
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Happiness is beautiful intrinsically when combined with your true purpose, your life’s true IKIGAI. Manny narrates this book to awaken the Happiness Samurai that sleeps within each one of us. The book consists of insightful yet practical ways of dealing with life’s vicissitudes and blessings for leading a life like a Japanese Samurai with wisdom, courage, honour and a true sense of happiness.The Foreword of the book is written by John Abraham, who is an accomplished Indian film actor, producer and most importantly a fantastic human being. About the book, he says – "Listen to this book not because you are down or low – listen to this book because it will teach you the value of happiness. Hear this book to understand how you can create your own happiness with what you have within you in the here and now."Manny captures his life events, adventures and varied experiences authentically with the lens of IKIGAI wisdom and creates a wealth of knowledge through the journey. We hope you’ll love listening to this book, and we wish you the very best through this powerful tome on happiness.All adults were once children, but only a select few who follow their Ikigai remember it. To the others, there is a beautiful story unfolding inside you, a unique passion that gives meaning to your days and drives you to share the best of yourself with the world. If you don’t know what your story is yet, we hope the Happiness Samurai will help you discover it.Stop Trying and Start BeingSimple truth.In the end, life is challenging – right? But know this: you have been playing and splashing in the shallow end, thinking that is your world and that is your only shot at happiness; that is the only extent of your happiness. What happens when you dive deeper? What if you sink? Well, Manny asks you this – what if you swim? Arigato gozaimasu!