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The Jewish Annotated Apocrypha

Free Download Jonathan Klawans, "The Jewish Annotated Apocrypha"
English | ISBN: 0190262486 | 2020 | 744 pages | PDF | 8 MB
Building on the success of the Jewish Annotated New Testament (JANT) and the Jewish Study Bible (JSB), Oxford University Press now proceeds to complete the trilogy with the Jewish Annotated Apocrypha (JAA). The books of the Apocrypha were virtually all composed by Jewish writers in the Second Temple period. Excluded from the Hebrew Bible, these works were preserved by Christians. Yet no complete, standalone edition of these works has been produced in English with an emphasis on Jewish tradition or with an educated Jewish audience in mind. The JAA meets this need.


Annotated Psychotherapy

Free Download Richard B. Makover, "Annotated Psychotherapy"
English | ISBN: 1032398442 | 2023 | 372 pages | PDF | 3 MB
Annotated Psychotherapy demonstrates how an experienced psychotherapist develops and carries out the right treatment plan through interactions with the patient or client. In these pages, clinicians will find an explanation of everything the therapist says to patients or clients: why they say it, what they intend it to do, how it fits in with the treatment plan for that person, and, importantly, what might have been said that would be better.


Studies in the Language of Targum Canticles with Annotated Transcription of Geniza Fragments

Free Download University College London, "Studies in the Language of Targum Canticles with Annotated Transcription of Geniza Fragments"
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9004517103 | PDF | pages: 273 | 1.7 mb
A study of the Late Jewish Literary Aramaic of Targum Canticles, demonstrating how grammatical anomalies can be informative of literary influences, composition process, and Aramaic diachrony.