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Flashes of Brilliance The Science and Wonder of Arizona Lightning

Free Download Flashes of Brilliance: The Science and Wonder of Arizona Lightning by Ronald L. Holle , Daile Zhang
English | PDF (True) | 2023 | 244 Pages | ISBN : 3031198786 | 7.1 MB
This book is a comprehensive resource on lightning and describes the unique roles which the state of Arizona has with regard to lightning. Not only is it spectacular, it is also admired, feared, and misunderstood, but its knowledge has come of age in the last two decades.


Haunted Arizona

Charles Stansfield Jr, "Haunted Arizona "
English | ISBN: 1493045784 | 2020 | 168 pages | EPUB | 1351 KB
UFOs, ghost trains, and El Chupacabra figure prominently in this collection of eerie tales from the Grand Canyon State. From the arid desert to the population centers of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, come a variety of stories and legends, including the phantom of Jack the Ripper, Sedona’s mysterious magnetic fields, and ghostly-and homicidal-guardians of the Lost Dutchman Mine.


Good Time Girls of Arizona and New Mexico A Red-Light History of the American Southwest

Jan MacKell Collins, "Good Time Girls of Arizona and New Mexico: A Red-Light History of the American Southwest"
English | ISBN: 1493038117 | 2019 | 208 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
As settlements and civilization moved West to follow the lure of mineral wealth and the trade of the Santa Fe Trail, prostitution grew and flourished within the mining camps, small towns, and cities of the nineteenth-century Southwest. Whether escaping a bad home life, lured by false advertising, or seeking to subsidize their income, thousands of women chose or were forced to enter an industry where they faced segregation and persecution, fines and jailing, and battled the other hazards of their profession. Some dreamed of escape through marriage or retirement, and some became infamous and even successful, but more often found relief only in death. An integral part of western history, the stories of these women continue to fascinate readers and captivate the minds of historians today.