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When the Earth Was Flat All the Bits of Science We Got Wrong

Free Download When the Earth Was Flat: All the Bits of Science We Got Wrong by Graeme Donald
English | January 1, 2015 | ISBN: 1843178680 | 192 pages | EPUB | 6.15 Mb
Perfect for anyone with an interest in our scientific history, When the Earth Was Flat exposes the scientific theories that were once widely believed to be true but have since been disproved.Featuring ideas that now seem more crazy than credible, from the human body being made up of only four humours – black and yellow bile, blood and phlegm – to the discovery of the so-called ‘missing link’ in the evolutionary chain. When the Earth Was Flat tells the fascinating story behind those scientific theories we once believed to be true, and shows how the way we view the world, and the way we think the world works, has changed completely throughout history.


Quantum Computing A Shift from Bits to Qubits

Free Download Quantum Computing: A Shift from Bits to Qubits (Studies in Computational Intelligence Book 1085) – Rajiv Pandey & Nidhi Srivastava & Neeraj Kumar Singh & Kanishka Tyagi
English | 2023 | 500 Pages | ISBN: 981199529X | True PDF , EPUB | 62.34 MB
The edited book is a consolidated handbook on quantum computing that covers quantum basic science and mathematics to advanced concepts and applications of quantum computing and quantum machine learning applied to diverse domains. The book includes dedicated chapters on introduction to quantum computing, its practical applications, the working behind quantum systems, quantum algorithms, quantum communications, and quantum cryptography. Each challenge that can be addressed with quantum technologies is further discussed from theoretical and practical perspectives. The book is divided into five parts: Part I: Scientific Theory for Quantum, Part II: Quantum Computing: Building Concepts, Part III: Quantum Algorithms- Theory & Applications, Part IV: Quantum Simulation Tools & Demonstrations, and Part V: Future Direction and Applications.