Non-coding RNAs and Cancer

Free Download Non-coding RNAs and Cancer by Muller Fabbri
English | PDF | 2014 | 287 Pages | ISBN : 146148443X | 3.6 MB
The discovery of microRNAs and its role as gene expression regulators in human carcinogenesis represents one of the most important scientific achievements of the last decade. More recently, other non-coding RNAs have been discovered and its implications in cancer are emerging as well, suggesting a broader than anticipated involvement of the non-coding genome in cancer. Moreover, completely new and unexpected functions for microRNAs are being revealed, leading to the identification of new anticancer molecular targets. This book represents a comprehensive guide on non-coding RNAs and cancer, spanning from its role as cancer biomarkers, to providing the most useful bioinformatic tools, to presenting some of the most relevant discoveries, which indicates how these fascinating molecules act as fine orchestrators of cancer biology.


Hereditary Gastric and Breast Cancer Syndrome CDH1

Free Download Hereditary Gastric and Breast Cancer Syndrome: CDH1: One Genotype with Multiple Phenotypes
English | 2023 | ISBN: 3031213165 | 771 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 44 MB
In this book the editors and authors provide a comprehensive overview on basic research and clinical aspects of hereditary breast and gastric tumors. In particular, this updated editorial work aims to suggest guidelines for the clinical management of patients with hereditary diffuse gastric and lobular breast cancer. Special attention is given to E-cadherin (CDH1 gene) germline mutations, genetic screening approaches, the underlying molecular mechanisms and pathological and microscopic features. In addition, the book aims to define clinical criteria for genetic screening, and highlights current surgical treatment and clinical approaches for asymptomatic mutation carriers. Other inherited predispositions involving gastric and breast carcinoma are discussed as well.


Glycosignals in Cancer Molecular Assembly and Recognition (2nd Edition)

Free Download Glycosignals in Cancer: Molecular Assembly and Recognition
English | 2023 | ISBN: 9811977313 | 441 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 26 MB
This book, now in an extensively revised second edition, provides a comprehensive summary of the latest knowledge regarding glycosignals and a thorough analysis of their involvement in not only cancers but also other refractory conditions such as chronic inflammatory disorders. Many relevant topics are covered, including the search for novel tumor epitopes related to carbohydrates, the assembly of glycoconjugates, the modulation of signaling pathways by glycosylation, and interactions between complex carbohydrates and their recognition molecules. The role of various research approaches, for example advanced mass spectrometry, high-resolution imaging, and bioinformatics, is closely examined, and the results of novel therapeutic trials targeting glycosignals are discussed. The book will be essential reading for students and young researchers with an interest in glycoscience. In presenting new results and approaches and identifying areas for future research, it will also be of benefit for specialists in the field.


Chemicals Linked With Liver Cancer

Free Download Chemicals Linked With Liver Cancer: Forever Chemical In Cookware And Other Toxins That Causes Liver Disease (Beat Cancer) by Dr. Julia Wheatly
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B9QW2S7V | EPUB | 0.11 Mb
★Dr. Julia Wheatly is a renowned American-based scientist and a medical doctor with several impacts made across the globe and recognized for her works in Cancer treatment with numerous awards in the USA, UK, Australia, Norway, Germany, and other countries across the globe.


How to Starve Cancer …And Then Kill It with Ferroptosis [Audiobook]

Free Download How to Starve Cancer: …And Then Kill It with Ferroptosis (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BQPK2583 | 2023 | 11 hours and 47 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 336 MB
Author: Jane McLelland
Narrator: Nano Nagle

After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, Jane McLelland dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jane’s approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably, her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protocol, achieving remarkable successes. An international publishing sensation, this inspirational listen is updated with a new Metro Map, Jane’s unique and revolutionary route map to starving cancer. A glossary and index is also included.


Pancreatic Cancer Methods and Protocols

Free Download Gloria H. Su, "Pancreatic Cancer: Methods and Protocols"
English | 2004 | ISBN: 1588291073 | PDF | pages: 349 | 4.8 mb
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Annually approximately 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with the disease and most will die from it within five years. P- creatic ductal adenocarcinoma is unique because of its late onset in age, high mortality, small tumor samples infiltrated with normal cells, and a lack of both early detection and effective therapies. Some of these characteristics have made studying this disease a challenge. Pancreatic cancer develops as a result of the accumulation of genetic alterations in cancer-causing genes, such as the oncogenes and the tumor-s- pressor genes. In the last decade, major progress has been made in identifying important oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes for the disease. In Panc- atic Cancer: Methods and Protocols, we review the classical techniques that have contributed to the advances in pancreatic research and introduce new strategies that we hope will add to future breakthroughs in the field of cancer biology. Pancreatic Cancer: Methods and Protocols provides a broad range of protocols for molecular, cellular, pathological, and statistical analyses of s- radic and familial pancreatic cancer. It covers topics from in vitro cell c- tures to in vivo mouse models, DNA to protein manipulation, and mutation analyses to treatment development. We believe that our book will prove an invaluable source of proven protocols for those who are interested in either basic or translational research in pancreatic cancer.


Introduction to Cancer Biology, 2nd edition

Free Download Introduction to Cancer Biology, 2nd edition
English | 2010 | ISBN: 978-87-7681-478-6 | 69 pages | EPUB | 1.85 MB
Introduction to Cancer Biology is a short primer on how cancers develop and grow. The aim of this book is to provide a gentle exploration of the fundamental concepts in a easy-to-understand format, using examples and key figures for illustration. It is written in a style to help the reader understand the six basic principles that inform our current understanding of cancer, at the molecular, cellular and physiological level. The text can be used either as a first step towards a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of cancer progression or it can be used as a quick revision guide. It would be suitable for anyone, with or without a background in biology.


Psychosocial Resource Variables in Cancer Studies Conceptual and Measurement Issues

Free Download Mark R Somerfield, Barbara Curbow, "Psychosocial Resource Variables in Cancer Studies: Conceptual and Measurement Issues"
English | 1995 | pages: 227 | ISBN: 1560247584 | PDF | 4,8 mb
Psychosocial Resource Variables in Cancer Studies reviews the literature on selected psychosocial resource variables in cancer in order to raise and examine conceptual and methodological issues and to offer suggestions for future directions in the field. It provides investigators and clinicians with a systematic treatment of the state of the art in research on specific resource factors and provides a careful consideration of more generic methodological and statistical issues in this research context.Editors Curbow and Somerfield define resources as aspects of a person or environment that are brought to bear on the maintenance or restoration of adaptation under taxing conditions. They hope Psychosocial Resource Variables in Cancer Studies is just the beginning of an ongoing discussion within the field of psychosocial oncology on the nature and use of resource variables. The book’s topics are crucial since researchers appear to be committed to using resource variables to explain outcomes. Also, resource variables are increasingly considered as explanatory concepts in quality-of-life research.Psychosocial Resource Variables in Cancer Studies offers critical reviews of the major resource variables investigated in contemporary psychosocial oncology research. It provides timely information on vital issues in this research, emphasizing studies of the influence of personal and social resources on adaptation to cancer. Chapters cover topics such as:


Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine, 10th Edition

Free Download Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine
by Bast, Robert C., Jr.;Byrd, John C.;Croce, Carlo M.;Hawk, Ernest;Khuri, Fadlo R.;Pollock, Raphael E.;Tsimberidou, Apostolia-Maria;Willett, Christopher G.;Willman, Cheryl L.;

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1119750687 | 1972 pages | True PDF | 79.89 MB