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Python Data Analysis Comprehensive Guide to Data Science, Analytics and Metrics with Python

Free Download Python Data Analysis: Comprehensive Guide to Data Science, Analytics and Metrics with Python by Alex Campbell
English | September 18, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09GJMMXYT | 85 pages | EPUB | 0.44 Mb
The term data science has gained a lot of popularity recently. The subject is of immense importance to people handling online projects. Data science not only improves business handling skills and easy ways of gaining popularity, but it also improves your skill set in programming. If you want to be a part of data science, then you will require nothing more than some knowledge in mathematics and computing segments like programming languages. Python is a high-level language in the world of computing and programming, which works with data science.We have covered everything you need to know regarding Data Science, Analytics, and Metrics with Python. You will find the various aspects of data science covered in this book with the detailed steps on a data science project. You’ll learn the Pandas library, DataFrames, and series along with practical real-life examples to help you understand Data Science in a better and easier manner.Topics like Data Munging, Distribution Analysis, Variable Analysis, Anaconda Setup, Importing Dataset, and Developing Models will help give you insights about Python programming. We also included how to use MatDescriptionlib in Python for Data Metrics. Demos are provided so that you can understand Metrics in Python in a practical manner. Special attention has been given to Counters, Gauges, and Histograms for calculating the metrics in Python.Finally, we also have a chapter on building a predictive model in Python with detailed steps including Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Data Prediction, and Data Analysis.