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Electroweak Theory

Free Download Electroweak Theory
English | 2023 | ISBN: 1009402382 | 262 Pages | PDF (True) | 2 MB
The electroweak theory unifies two basic forces of nature: the weak force and electromagnetism. This is a concise introduction to the structure of the electroweak theory and its applications. It describes the structure and properties of field theories with global and local symmetries, leading to the standard model. It describes the particles and processes predicted by the theory, and compares them with experimental results. It also covers neutral currents, the properties of W and Z bosons, the properties of quarks and mesons containing heavy quarks, neutrino oscillations, CP-asymmetries in K, D, and B meson decays, and the search for Higgs particles. Each chapter contains problems to supplement the text, stemming from the author’s long teaching experience. This will be of great interest to graduate students and researchers in elementary particle physics. Originally published in 2007, this title has been reissued as an Open Access publication on Cambridge Core.


Electroweak and Strong Interactions Phenomenology, Concepts, Models

Free Download Electroweak and Strong Interactions: Phenomenology, Concepts, Models by Florian Scheck
English | PDF (True) | 2012 | 436 Pages | ISBN : 3642202403 | 4.08 MB
Electroweak and Strong Interaction: Phenomenology, Concepts, Models, begins with relativistic quantum mechanics and some quantum field theory which lay the foundation for the rest of the text. The phenomenology and the physics of the fundamental interactions are emphasized through a detailed discussion of the empirical fundamentals of unified theories of strong, electromagnetic, and weak interactions. The principles of local gauge theories are described both in a heuristic and a geometric framework. The minimal standard model of the fundamental interactions is developed in detail and characteristic applications are worked out. Possible signals of physics beyond that model, notably in the physics of neutrinos are also discussed. Among the applications scattering on nucleons and on nuclei provide salient examples. Numerous exercises with solutions make the text suitable for advanced courses or individual study. This completely updated revised new edition contains an enlarged chapter on quantum chromodynamics and a widely updated chapter on neutrino physics.


Electroweak Physics at LEP and LHC

Free Download Electroweak Physics at LEP and LHC by Arno Straessner
English | PDF,EPUB(True) | 2010 | 222 Pages | ISBN : 3642051685 | 17.64 MB
During more than 10 years, from 1989 until 2000, the LEP accelerator and the four LEP experiments, ALEPH, DELPHI, L3 and OPAL, have taken data for a large amount of measurements at the frontier of particle physics. The main outcome is a thorough and successful test of the Standard Model of electroweak interactions. Mass and width of the Z and W bosons were measured precisely, as well as the Z and photon couplings to fermions and the couplings among gauge bosons. The rst part of this work will describe the most important physics results of the LEP experiments. Emphasis is put on the properties of the W boson, which was my main research eld at LEP. Especially the precise determination of its mass and its couplings to the other gauge bosons will be described. Details on physics effects like Colour Reconnection and Bose-Einstein Correlations in W-pair events shall be discussed as well.