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Universities, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Sustainability

Free Download Cristina Fernandes, "Universities, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Sustainability "
English | ISBN: 311067016X | 2021 | 350 pages | EPUB, PDF | 3 MB + 17 MB
This volume presents theoretical and empirical research on universities and their entrepreneurial ecosystems to better grasp the connections between universities and their surrounding environments and their engagement with sustainability. The book provides a better understanding of the entrepreneurial characteristics of universities. It examines the ways in which universities’ collaboration and participation in an ecosystem support business and industry transformation. It also investigates how universities function within the university/industry/government/third sector relationship nexus. The book enables the systematisation of the literature while simultaneously builds theory, empirically testing existing theories, and contributes towards a future research agenda geared towards sustainability. The book gathers contributions from varied geographical contexts providing an international perspective.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Tech Start-ups in India Evolution, Structure and Role

Free Download M H Bala Subrahmanya, "Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Tech Start-ups in India: Evolution, Structure and Role "
English | ISBN: 3110679299 | 2021 | 150 pages | EPUB, PDF | 2 MB + 790 KB
Why do tech start-ups emerge rapidly in emerging economies like India? What kind of entrepreneurial ecosystems have evolved for tech start-up promotion? What is their structure? What role do they play in the nurturing of tech start-ups to the advantage of regional economies? This book examines the trend of evolving entrepreneurial ecosystems for tech start-ups in India, ascertains its structure and examines its role in the nurturing of tech start-ups over its lifecycle, to bring out its implications for Indian economy. At the outset, it traces and conceptualizes what it terms an "ideal ecosystem" for tech start-ups in the Indian context, and explores the historical evolution of entrepreneurial ecosystems in two of the six leading start-up hubs in the country, namely, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It describes the characteristics and the structure of these ecosystems as they prevailed in the two start-up hubs, and analyses the role that they play in nurturing the development of tech start-ups. Finally, this book explores the ecosystem gaps that exist in the two cities, the factors causing these gaps, and makes policy recommendations to encourage the growth of a "healthy and vibrant" entrepreneurial ecosystem for the accelerated growth of tech start-ups in these two cities in particular, to promote employment, innovation and economic growth in the country at large.


Entrepreneurial Marketing [Audiobook]

Free Download Entrepreneurial Marketing: Beyond Professionalism to Creativity, Leadership, and Sustainability
Author: Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Hooi Den Huan, Jacky Mussry
Narrator: Eric Jason Martin

English | 2023 | ASIN: B0C41TFFF4 | MP3@64 kbps | 8h 26m | 695 MB


The Life of Simeon of the Olives An entrepreneurial saint of early Islamic North Mesopotamia

Free Download Robert Hoyland, "The Life of Simeon of the Olives: An entrepreneurial saint of early Islamic North Mesopotamia "
English | ISBN: 1463243464 | 2021 | 224 pages | PDF | 9 MB
This book presents the first ever critical edition and complete translation of the Syriac Life of Saint Simeon of the Olives, who was an abbot of Qartmin Monastery in Tur Abdin and a bishop of the city of Harran in the late seventh and early eighth century AD. His career coincided with the beginnings of the incorporation of North Mesopotamia into the expanding Muslim Empire, and offers fascinating insights into this process and the role that SImeon himself played in it, particularly his interaction with Muslim authorities in the cities of Nisibis and Harran. The Life is analyzed from historical and literary perspectives, and its material context is explored by recourse to the latest archaeological surveys and excavations in the region where Simeon lived and worked. The book also follows Simeon as he was transformed into a champion of West Syrian Christianity by later members of that community, who portrayed him as engaging in amicable debates with the intellectually curious caliph al-Ma’mun (813-33) and leading Muslim theologians at his court.