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Storytelling Exhibitions Identity, Truth and Wonder

Free Download Philip Hughes, "Storytelling Exhibitions: Identity, Truth and Wonder"
English | ISBN: 1350105937 | 2021 | 192 pages | PDF | 89 MB
Storytelling Exhibitions describes the role and practice of modern ‘spatial storytellers’ and looks at the potential of exhibitions to shape our understanding of the world. It explains how curators, designers, artists and scientists combine to tell powerful stories through exhibition design.


Curating Fascism Exhibitions and Memory from the Fall of Mussolini to Today

Free Download Curating Fascism: Exhibitions and Memory from the Fall of Mussolini to Today (Visual Cultures and Italian Contexts) edited by Sharon Hecker, Raffaele Bedarida
English | December 15, 2022 | ISBN: 1350229466, 1350229458 | True PDF | 320 pages | 23.2 MB
On the centenary of the fascist party’s ascent to power in Italy, Curating Fascism examines the ways in which exhibitions organized from the fall of Benito Mussolini’s regime to the present day have shaped collective memory, historical narratives, and political discourse around the Italian ventennio. It charts how shows on fascism have evolved since the postwar period in Italy, explores representations of Italian fascism in exhibitions across the world, and highlights blindspots in art and cultural history, as well as in exhibition practices.