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Farm Fresh Flavors Over 450 Delicious Meals Using Local Ingredients

Randall L. Smith, "Farm Fresh Flavors: Over 450 Delicious Meals Using Local Ingredients"
English | ISBN: 1440213976 | 2011 | 304 pages | EPUB | 1278 KB
And you thought it was just dinner! Preparing and enjoying meals made with fresh seasonal produce from your local grower adds a little magic to your meal times. It’s time to treat two of the more important activities of your life, cooking and eating, more seriously. This cookbook is all about using fresh ingredients with a pinch of flair. Most of the recipes can be prepared with tools most of us have in our kitchens and with ingredients easily found at any local farmer’s market or our own backyards. The point of this cookbook is to make eating healthy, fresh food simple so that you will choose it over frozen or processed products. Inside you’ll learn: * The characteristics of each food. * Multiple techniques for preparing produce. * Ways to preserve and extend freshness. * Why farm-fresh food is a better choice for healthy eating. * How to connect with local farmers.


Controlling Maillard Pathways To Generate Flavors

Controlling Maillard Pathways To Generate Flavors By Donald S. Mottram and Andrew J. Taylor (Eds.)
2010 | 157 Pages | ISBN: 0841225796 | PDF | 3 MB
Content: PREFACE; 1. Predictive Modeling of Flavor Compound Formation in the Maillard Reaction: A SWOT Analysis; M. A. J. S. VAN BOEKEL; 2. Kinetic Modeling of the Formation of Volatile Compounds in Heated Beef Muscle Extracts Containing Added Ribose; DIMITRIOS P. BALAGIANNIS, JACK HOWARD, JANE K. PARKER, NEIL DESFORGES, AND DONALD S. MOTTRAM; 3. Dicarbonyl Intermediates: A Control Factor in the Maillard Reaction; YU WANG AND CHI-TANG HO; 4. Dicarbonyls from Maillard Degradation of Glucose and Maltose; M. A. GLOMB, J. GOBERT, AND M. VOIGT; 5. Generation of 4-Hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone during Extrusion Cooking: A Multidisciplinary Approach; TOMAS DAVIDEK, SILKE ILLMANN, ANDREAS RYTZ, HELENE CHANVRIER, GREET VANDEPUTTE, HEIKE P. SCHUCHMANN, IMRE BLANK, AND JOSEF KERLER; 6. Hydroxycinnamic Acid – Maillard Reactions in Simple Aqueous Model Systems; MARLENE R. MOSKOWITZ AND DEVIN G. PETERSON; 7. Science and Serendipity: The Maillard Reaction and the Creative Flavorist; DAVID A. BAINES, SANDRA BISHARA, JANE K. PARKER, AND DONALD S. MOTTRAM; 8. Meat Flavor Generation in Complex Maillard Model Systems; S. I. F. S. MARTINS, A. LEUSSINK, E. A. E. ROSING, G. A. DESCLAUX, AND C. BOUCON; 9. Flavor Development in a Meat-Based Petfood Containing Added Glucose and Glycine; JANE K. PARKER, DIMITRIOS P. BALAGIANNIS, NEIL DESFORGES, AND DONALD S. MOTTRAM; 10. The Effects of Storage on the Formation of Aroma and Acrylamide in Heated Potato; J. STEPHEN ELMORE, ANDREW T. DODSON, ADRIAN BRIDDON, NIGEL G. HALFORD, AND DONALD S. MOTTRAM; 11. Methionine-Containing Cyclic Dipeptides: Occurrence in Natural Products, Synthesis, and Sensory Evaluation; NEIL C. DA COSTA, MICHAEL Z. CHEN, DEBRA MERRITT, AND LAURENCE TRINNAMAN; 12. Control of Color Formation by Ionic Species in Non-Enzymic Browning Reactions; GEORGE P. RIZZI; 13. Effect of Physical Properties of Food Matrices on the Maillard Reaction; A. J. TAYLOR, L. SIVASUNDARAM, L. MOREAU, G. A. CHANNELL, AND S. E. HILL; 14. Control of the Maillard Reaction during the Cooking of Food; DONALD S. MOTTRAM AND J. STEPHEN ELMORE; INDEXES; AUTHOR INDEX; SUBJECT INDEX