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Advances in Optical Form and Coordinate Metrology

Richard Leach, "Advances in Optical Form and Coordinate Metrology "
English | ISBN: 0750325224 | 2021 | 250 pages | PDF | 37 MB
Advances in Optical Form and Coordinate Metrology covers the latest advances in the development of optical form and coordinate measuring instruments plus the manipulation of point cloud data. The book presents some basic principles of the optical measurement methods and takes a deeper look at the operation of the instruments and the new application areas where they can be applied, with an emphasis on advanced manufacturing. Latest advances discussed include the drive towards faster instruments for in-process applications, the ability to measure highly complex objects (e.g. in additive manufacturing), performance verification and advances in the use of machine learning to enhance data analysis.


The Comics Form The Art of Sequenced Images

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1350245917 | 249 pages | True PDF EPUB | 106.84 MB
Answering foundational questions like "what is a comic" and "how do comics work" in original and imaginative ways, this book adapts established, formalist approaches to explaining the experience of reading comics. Taking stock of a multitude of case studies and examples,The Comics Formdemonstrates that any object can be read as a comic so long as it displays a set of relevant formal features. Drawing from the worlds of art criticism and literary studies to put forward innovative new ways of thinking and talking about comics, this book challenges certain terminology and such theorizing terms as ‘narrate’ which have historically been employed somewhat loosely.
In unpacking the way in which sequenced images work,The Comics Formintroduces tools of analysis such as discourse and diegesis; details further qualities of visual representation such as resemblance, custom norms, style, simplification, exaggeration, style modes, transparency and specification, perspective and framing, focalization and ocularization; and applies formal art analysis to comics images. This book also examines the conclusions readers draw from the way certain images are presented and what they trigger, and offers clear definitions of the roles and features of text-narrators, image-narrators, and image-text narrators in both non-linguistic images and word-images.