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Formless Formation Vignettes for the End of this World

Sandra Ruiz, "Formless Formation: Vignettes for the End of this World"
English | ISBN: 1570273790 | 2022 | 200 pages | PDF | 6 MB
Formless Formation is an experimental project conceived and co-authored by two performance theorists working in critical aesthetics and political thought. The book is an insurgent revolt, walking side by side with plural and planetary anticolonial forces organizing against debt, expropriative extractive capital, environmental catastrophe, and the militarized policing of people and borders. It is in direct conversation with all Indigenous, Black, Brown, ecological, queer, diasporic movements and struggles against capitalist predatory formations across time and space. Through shared resonances across differing aesthetic life-worlds and solidarities that bypass the nation-state, Ruiz and Vourloumis bring to the forefront performative and aesthetic practices and methods that address current and future social organizing.


Shaping Formless Fire Distilling the Quintessence of Magick

Stephen Mace, Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, Delfina Marquez-Noe, "Shaping Formless Fire: Distilling the Quintessence of Magick"
English | 2005 | ISBN: 1561842389 | PDF | pages: 208 | 3.0 mb
SHAPING FORMLESS FIRE is Stephen Mace s distillation of magick down to the basics of psychic energy manipulation. Its application does not require the assimilation of any symbolic or theogonic scheme, and none is offered until the last chapter. What the book does offer is a technique that enables an open-minded exploitation of one s own psychic energy. We focus power through our attention, and with the technique of magick we may begin to focus both the entirety of conscious attention and its unconscious biases into the accomplishment of our wills. One striking feature of psychic energy dynamics is how analogous they are to physical energy dynamics. Every action brings on an equal and opposite reaction in psychic interactions as well as mechanical ones. Physical energy going to entropy works a lot like desire going to satiety. You can t get something for nothing is a psychic affirmation of conservation of energy. And yet the book affirms that magick can never be science. Science demands objectivity, measurement and replication, but psychic energy is the energy of the subjective, defies calibration, and its effect is upon the unrepeatable now. And its instrument is unique, the magician s own Self, which he or she must hone to a fine edge. SHAPING FORMLESS FIRE offers instruction for making a sound beginning, and a clear look at what is apt to come after. When people do the work, a whole realm of power opens up for their recognition and manipulation. And when they do not, power remains to manipulate them, just as it always has. Deep understanding is not required to start. Persistence of effort is essential to get anywhere at all.