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Data Governance – Key Components and Frameworks

Free Download Data Governance – Key Components and Frameworks
Released 11/2023
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Level: Beginner | Genre: eLearning | Language: English + vtt | Duration: 55m | Size: 104 MB
Every organization in the world is now reliant on data. This course introduces key concepts for understanding data governance. You will discuss key components, functions, roles, and existing frameworks for a data governance program.


Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Catalysts

Free Download Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as Catalysts by Shikha Gulati
English | EPUB | 2022 | 785 Pages | ISBN : 9811679584 | 110.4 MB
This book highlights the state-of-the-art research and discovery in the use of MOFs in catalysis, highlighting the scope to which these novel materials have been incorporated by the community. It provides an exceptional insight into the strategies for the synthesis and functionalization of MOFs, their use as CO2 and chemical warfare agents capture, their role in bio-catalysis and applications in photocatalysis, asymmetric catalysis, nano-catalysis, etc. This book will also emphasize the challenges with previous signs of progress and way for further research, details relating to the current pioneering technology, and future perspectives with a multidisciplinary approach.


Cognitive Internet of Things Frameworks, Tools and Applications

Free Download Cognitive Internet of Things: Frameworks, Tools and Applications by Huimin Lu
English | EPUB | 2020 | 504 Pages | ISBN : 3030049450 | 109.11 MB
This book provides insights into the research in the fields of artificial intelligence in combination with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Today, the integration of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies is attracting considerable interest from both researchers and developers from academic fields and industries around the globe.


Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal

Free Download Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal
by Srivastav, Arun Lal;Rani, Lata;Kaushal, Jyotsna;Pham, Tien Duc;, Lata Rani, Jyotsna Kaushal, Tien Duc Pham

English | 2023 | ISBN: 3527351922 | 410 pages | True PDF EPUB | 33.57 MB
Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal Discover a groundbreaking new wastewater decontamination technology The removal of wastewater contaminants is a key aspect of the water cycle, allowing water to be fed safely back into circulation within a given ecosystem. Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are a new class of porous materials which can reversibly bind and sequester both metal ions and potentially harmful organic substances, giving them a potentially crucial role in the targeted removal of wastewater contaminants. They may also enable significant cost and energy savings over now-conventional ion exchangers in water treatment plants. Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal provides an accessible, practical guide to the development, evaluation, and potential applications of MOFs in maintaining the water cycle. It begins with an overview of the major metallic and non-metallic contaminants found in wastewater and their interactions with major MOF-based materials, before moving to the challenges and opportunities provided by MOFs in the pursuit of a sustainable, energy-efficient water cycle. The result is a groundbreaking resource in the ever-expanding global fight to keep water clean and safe. Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal readers will also Metal Organic Frameworks for Wastewater Contaminant Removal is indispensable for water chemists, chemical engineers, environmental chemists, and for any researchers or industry professionals working with water decontamination technologies.


CSS Frameworks The Ultimate Guide

Free Download CSS Frameworks; The Ultimate Guide
by Sufyan bin Uzayr

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1032413220 | 511 pages | True PDF | 10.83 MB
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a programming language that integrates all relevant information related to the display of a web page. CSS defines the style and format of a web page or page, including layout, colors, fonts, & (the space around each element), and more. Together with HTML and JavaScript, CSS forms the basis of the functioning of the Internet.


Web Anatomy Interaction Design Frameworks That Work

Free Download Web Anatomy: Interaction Design Frameworks That Work By Jr, Robert Hoekman;Spool, Jared
2009 | 213 Pages | ISBN: 0321635027 | PDF | 9 MB
Renowned design researcher Spool and veteran interaction designer Hoekman introduce a collection of interaction design frameworks and reveal how the psychology behind these standards leads not only to effective designs, but can also serve as the basis for cutting-edge innovations and superior user experiences.


Electronic CAD Frameworks

Free Download Electronic CAD Frameworks by Timothy J. Barnes , David Harrison , A. Richard Newton , Rick L. Spickelmier
English | PDF | 1992 | 205 Pages | ISBN : 0792392523 | 12.6 MB
When it comes to frameworks, the familiar story of the elephant and the six blind philosophers seems to apply. As each philoso pher encountered a separate part of the elephant, each pronounced his considered, but flawed judgement. One blind philosopher felt a leg and thought it a tree. Another felt the tail and thought he held a rope. Another felt the elephant’s flank and thought he stood before a wall. We’re supposed to learn about snap judgements from this alle gory, but its author might well have been describing design automation frameworks. For in the reality of today’s product development requirements, a framework must be many things to many people. xiv CAD Frameworks: Integration Technology for CAD As the authors of this book note, framework design is an optimi zation problem. Somehow, it has to be both a superior rope for one and a tremendous tree for another. Somehow it needs to provide a standard environment for exploiting the full potential of computer-aided engineering tools. And, somehow, it has to make real such abstractions as interoperability and interchangeability. For years, we’ve talked about a framework as something that provides application-oriented services, just as an operating system provides system-level support. And for years, that simple statement has hid the tremendous complexity of actually providing those services.