Variational Convergence And Stochastic Homogenization Of Nonlinear Reaction-diffusion Problems
by Omar Anza Hafsa;Jean-philippe Mandallena;Gerard Michaille;

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811258481 | 321 pages | True PDF EPUB | 25.86 MB
A substantial number of problems in physics, chemical physics, and biology, are modeled through reaction-diffusion equations to describe temperature distribution or chemical substance concentration. For problems arising from ecology, sociology, or population dynamics, they describe the density of some populations or species. In this book the state variable is a concentration, or a density according to the cases. The reaction function may be complex and include time delays terms that model various situations involving maturation periods, resource regeneration times, or incubation periods. The dynamics may occur in heterogeneous media and may depend upon a small or large parameter, as well as the reaction term. From a purely formal perspective, these parameters are indexed by n. Therefore, reaction-diffusion equations give rise to sequences of Cauchy problems.