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Intermediate Accounting, 11th Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1264134525 | 1408 pages | True EPUB | 22.08 MB
The Spiceland/Nelson/Thomas/Winchel author team has created the new standard in Intermediate Accounting by providing students with the most accessible, comprehensive, and current Intermediate Accounting learning system. The rigorous yet readable approach has won over instructors across the country, while the conversational and consistent voice of this highly dedicated and deeply engaged author team has significantly improved student understanding.


Intermediate Accounting Reporting and Analysis, 3rd Edition

English | 2020 | ISBN: 1337788287 | 1475 pages | True PDF | 161.59 MB
Today’s financial accounting is continuously changing. Now, you have a resource to help you understand the importance of accounting information and how that information is critical to others in business today with Wahlen/Jones/Pagachs INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING, 3E. Positive examples and cases from familiar companies, such as Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Apple, Louis Vuitton and Nestle, reinforce the book’s unique, approachable perspective. You see the power of financial accounting information for investors, creditors and other stakeholders. This edition’s in-depth coverage also clearly addresses the latest accounting standards. This edition works closely with CNOWv2 digital resources to help you manage the rigor and time requirements of today’s intermediate accounting course. Learning tools help you master key concepts. In addition, algorithmic homework exercises allow you to solve multiple versions of exercises, in order to build confidence and expertise.