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The Portugal Journal

Free Download Mircea Eliade, "The Portugal Journal"
English | 2010 | ISBN: 1438429584, 1438429592 | PDF | pages: 298 | 6.6 mb
Detailing a fascinating, hitherto unknown period in the life of one of the twentieth century’s preeminent intellectuals, The Portugal Journal was written by Mircea Eliade from 1941-1945, when he served as a diplomat in Lisbon. Eliade’s work as a theorist of religion has been the chief influence on how religion is understood and studied in contemporary times and he is also increasingly well known as a writer of fiction and drama. Long awaited by readers, The Portugal Journal is the only one of Eliade’s journals to be published in its entirety, unedited by its author. Here, Eliade writes frankly, at times about things that he could never bring himself to make public, including his relationship with the Iron Guard, his problems with hypersexuality, his religious beliefs and actions, his admiration for René Guénon, and his sufferings and terrible grief both before and after his wife’s death.


To the Shores of Chile The Journal and History of the Brouwer Expedition to Valdivia in 1643

Free Download Mark Meuwese, "To the Shores of Chile: The Journal and History of the Brouwer Expedition to Valdivia in 1643 "
English | ISBN: 0271083751 | 2019 | 136 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
To the Shores of Chile presents the remarkable story of an expedition that took place in Latin America during the height of the Dutch Empire. Skillfully translated by Mark Meuwese, this captivating work sheds light on Dutch imperialism and the complicated relationships between Native peoples and European colonizers.