Free Download Pat Walls – Lean SEO Our Framework For SEO Traction Download 2023

Hi! I’m Pat Walls, the creator of Starter Story.
People think SEO success is about knowing Google’s algorithm front to back.
It’s not. It’s about taking action. Finding what works. And then scaling it.
I grew Starter Story to over 1M visitors/month with this approach.
It’s a framework called Lean SEO, and you can use it too.

Here’s the framework:
(1) Research: Identify content opportunities through quick research
(2) Create: Create MVCs (Minimum Viable Content) to test the viability
(3) Test: Measure results over a 30-day period
(4) Decision: Iterate on your content based on its performance
(5) Scale: Scale it when something works, using structured data, automation, outsourcing, and UGC
And do this across many ‘experiments’, simultaneously & in parallel.