Luxan, "LGBTQI+ in the Basque Country "
English | ISBN: 1949805255 | 2020 | 172 pages | EPUB | 579 KB
This collaboration between the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the Master’s in Feminist and Gender Studies of the University of the Basque Country is the first English monograph on LGBTQI+ issues in relation to the Basque case. It addresses the existing void surrounding historical, legal, and political issues concerning this important topic, but it also tackles social and cultural aspects as well as problems and challenges of the LGBTQI+ collective in the Basque Country today. This book explores legislative issues, the mission of social movements and of their followers, and a historical perspective on lesbianism and homosexuality in the European context. Additionally, an attempt to understand bodies beyond binary categories has been made, and an examination of the cultural expressions through literary analysis. It is a snapshot, combining the perspectives of the academic researchers and the actual activists. It is, in essence, an invitation to continue to discuss, research, and write about matters concerning LGBTQI+.