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A Year of Stone Painting 52 Mandala Designs to Inspire Your Spirit

Free Download F Sehnaz Bac, "A Year of Stone Painting: 52 Mandala Designs to Inspire Your Spirit"
English | 2019 | pages: 128 | ISBN: 0486828522 | EPUB | 126,5 mb
You can craft a new mandala every week for one year with this full-color guide by the author of the bestselling The Art of Stone Painting. F. Sehnaz Bac, an artist andseasoned archaeologist, presents step-by-step instructions for fifty-two projects. Her easy-to-follow guide will show you how to transform ordinary stones into inspirational works of art.


The Wheel of Time Sand mandala Visual Scripture of Tibetan Buddhism

The Wheel of Time Sand mandala: Visual Scripture of Tibetan Buddhism By Barry Bryant
2003 | 274 Pages | ISBN: 1559391871 | PDF | 90 MB
According to the monks who create it, the Kalachakra Sand Mandala, also known as the Wheel of Time, imparts peace and healing to all beings and to the planet. Remarkable not only for its stunning beauty but also for the intricate process of its construction – a delicate sifting of colored sands into the elaborate, patterns and symbols rich in meaning – the mandala serves as a visual scripture and vital key to understanding the essential teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. This lavishly illustrated volume captures each stage of the mandala’s construction, the serenity and painstaking discipline of the monks, and the fascinating history behind its symbolism.