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Just Price in the Markets A History [Audiobook]

Free Download Just Price in the Markets: A History (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CFNT348R | 2023 | 9 hours and 45 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 278 MB
Author: Charles R. Geisst
Narrator: Will Tulin

The question of what constitutes a fair price has been at the center of market interactions since the time of Aristotle. Should a seller sell to the highest bidder, or is there some other standard, such as a morally defined price, to be applied? Charles R. Geisst traces the ways that philosophers, religious leaders, and economists have sought to answer that question, from antiquity through the modern era. Aristotle’s thinking on usury influenced the idea of pricing well into the Renaissance. In his view, money was barren and should not be used to beget more money.


Reinventing the Bazaar A Natural History of Markets

Free Download Reinventing the Bazaar: A Natural History of Markets By John McMillan
2002 | 278 Pages | ISBN: 0393050211 | PDF | 14 MB
A high-energy tour of the history of markets features such examples as a camel trading fair in India, the twenty-million-dollar-per-day Aalsmeer flower market in the Netherlands, and the global trade in AIDS drugs. Reprint. 13,000 first printing.


Institutional Investors in Global Capital Markets

Free Download Institutional Investors in Global Capital Markets By Boubakri, Narjess(Editor);Cosset, Jean-Claude(Editor)
2011 | 389 Pages | ISBN: 1780522428 | PDF | 5 MB
The edited volume on The Role of Institutional Investors in a Globalized Environment will publish original papers that examine various issues concerning the strategies of institutional investors, the role of institutional investors in corporate governance, their impact on local and international capital markets, as well as the emergence of sovereign and other asset management funds and their interactions with micro and macro economic and market environments including the impacts on international economic and market stability.


Exploring Markets A Very Brief Introduction

Free Download Stefan Kühl, "Exploring Markets: A Very Brief Introduction"
English | ISBN: 0999147943 | 2017 | 62 pages | EPUB | 318 KB
Organizations construct their environments themselves. From the bewildering, chaotic array of impressions, they take those bits of information that enable them to produce such a view of the environment – one that makes it possible for them to operate in the environment with relative confidence. Thus, contrary to what traditional market research suggests, organizations do not respond objectively to existing environmental conditions, but invent, construct and create their realities themselves. The goal of exploring the environment – or, more specifically, exploring markets – is to influence this construction process through re-framing, de-generalization and hypothesis formation and thus to allow organizations to discover unusual things.