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Auden and the Muse of History

Free Download Auden and the Muse of History by Susannah Young-ah Gottlieb
English | December 13, 2022 | ISBN: 1503633152, 1503633926 | True EPUB | 312 pages | 0.7 MB
Concentrating on W. H. Auden’s work from the late 1930s, when he seeks to understand the poet’s responsibility in the face of a triumphant fascism, to the late 1950s, when he discerns an irreconcilable "divorce" between poetry and history in light of industrialized murder, this startling new study reveals the intensity of the poet’s struggles with the meanings of history.


Jennifer Juniper A Journey Beyond the Muse [Audiobook]

Free Download Jennifer Juniper: A Journey Beyond the Muse (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: ISBN: 9781004105908 | 2023 | 10 hours and 27 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 298 MB
Author: Jenny Boyd
Narrator: Jenny Boyd

Jenny Boyd’s extraordinary life is the stuff of movies and novels, a story of incredible people and places experienced at a pivotal time in the 20th century. As an up-and-coming young model, Jenny found herself at the heart of Carnaby Street in London, immersed in the fashion and pop culture of the Swinging 60s. With boyfriend Mick Fleetwood, sister Pattie, George Harrison and the rest of the Beatles, she lived the London scene. But as a natural Flower Child, Jenny soon became part of the counter-culture in San Francisco during the Flower Power era, witnessing the Summer of Love; she was the inspiration for Donovan’s famous song, Jennifer Juniper, and her photograph was featured inside the box set of his eponymous album A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. After working in The Beatles shop, Apple, the first of its kind, Jenny attended Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India to study meditation with her sister and the Beatles, witnessing their creativity and the genesis of songs that would later appear on the White Album. Jenny has spent her life in the company of some of the greatest musical and cultural influencers of the last 50 years – and the journey she takes to finding her own sense of self and creative ability makes Jennifer Juniper a truly captivating and inspiring story.


The Partisan Muse in the Early Icelandic Sagas (1200-1250)

Theodore M. Andersson, "The Partisan Muse in the Early Icelandic Sagas (1200-1250)"
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0935995145 | PDF | pages: 240 | 0.9 mb
The Partisan Muse in the Early Icelandic Sagas (1200-1250) is a study of the genesis of Old Icelandic prose literature from its roots in oral tradition to the compilation of key early sagas at the beginning of the thirteenth century. Theodore M. Andersson devotes special attention to the Icelandic sagas (kings’ sagas or konungasögur) that narrate the careers of Norwegian kings, Óláfr Tryggvason and Óláfr Haraldsson prominent among them.


The Hyacinth Girl T.S. Eliot’s Hidden Muse [Audiobook]

The Hyacinth Girl: T.S. Eliot’s Hidden Muse (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BLJ5XDHG | 2022 | 18 hours and 28 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 431 MB
Author: Lyndall Gordon
Narrator: Buffy Davis

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, T. S. Eliot was considered the greatest English-language poet of his generation. But there was another side to Eliot, as acclaimed biographer Lyndall Gordon reveals in her new biography, The Hyacinth Girl. While married twice, Eliot had an almost lifelong love for Emily Hale, an American drama teacher to whom he wrote extensive, illuminating, deeply personal letters. Gordon plumbs the archive to recast Hale’s role as the first and foremost woman of the poet’s life, tracing the ways in which their ardor and his idealization figured in his art.