Midnight in the Century (NYRB Classics)

Midnight in the Century (NYRB Classics) By Victor Serge
2014 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 1590177703 | PDF | 3 MB
In 1933, Victor Serge was arrested by Stalin’s police, interrogated, and held in solitary confinement for more than eighty days. Released, he spent two years in exile in remote Orenburg. These experiences were the inspiration for Midnight in the Century, Serge’s searching novel about revolutionaries living in the shadow of Stalin’s betrayal of the revolution. Among the exiles gathered in the town of Chenor, or Black-Waters, are the granite-faced Old Bolshevik Ryzhik, stoic yet gentle Varvara, and Rodion, a young, self-educated worker who is trying to make sense of the world and history. They struggle in the unlikely company of Russian Orthodox Old Believers who are also suffering for their faith. Against unbelievable odds, the young Rodion will escape captivity and find a new life in the wild. Surviving the dark winter night of the soul, he rediscovers the only real, and most radical, form of resistance: hope.


The Right to Be Lazy And Other Writings (NYRB Classics)

The Right to Be Lazy: And Other Writings (NYRB Classics) by Paul Lafargue, translated by Alex Andriesse
English | November 15, 2022 | ISBN: 1681376822 | True EPUB | 136 pages | 1.1 MB
Now in a new translation, a classic nineteenth-century defense for the cause of idleness by a revolutionary writer and activist (and Karl Marx’s son-in law) that reshaped European ideas of labor and production.


The Hearing Trumpet (NYRB Classics)

The Hearing Trumpet (NYRB Classics) by Leonora Carrington
English | January 5, 2021 | ISBN: 1681374641 | True EPUB | 224 pages | 7.6 MB
An old woman enters into a fantastical world of dreams and nightmares in this surrealist classic admired by Björk and Luis Buñuel.