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No Time to Panic How I Curbed My Anxiety and Conquered a Lifetime of Panic Attacks [Audiobook]

Free Download No Time to Panic: How I Curbed My Anxiety and Conquered a Lifetime of Panic Attacks (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0BR8KML3F | 2023 | 7 hours and 41 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 224 MB
Author: Matt Gutman
Narrator: Matt Gutman

By ABC News’s chief national correspondent, an unflinching look at panic attacks by a reporter whose career was nearly derailed by them, offering listeners a guide to making a truce with their warring minds. Matt Gutman can tell you the precise moment when his life was upended. Reporting live on a huge story in January 2020, he found himself in the throes of an on-air panic attack-and not for the first time. The truth is that Gutman had been enduring panic attacks in secret for twenty years: soul-bruising episodes that left his vision constricted, his body damp, his nerves shot. Despite the challenges, he had carved out a formidable career, reporting from war zones and natural disasters before millions of viewers on Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and 20/20. His nerves typically "punched through" to TV audiences, making his appearances kinetic and often unforgettable. But his January 2020 broadcast was unusual for all the wrong reasons.


Statistical Panic Cultural Politics and Poetics of the Emotions

Free Download Statistical Panic: Cultural Politics and Poetics of the Emotions By Kathleen Woodward
2009 | 316 Pages | ISBN: 0822343541 | PDF | 30 MB
In this moving and thoughtful book, Kathleen Woodward explores the politics and poetics of the emotions, focusing on American culture since the 1960s. She argues that we are constrained in terms of gender, race, and age by our culture&;s scripts for &;emotional&; behavior and that the accelerating impoverishment of interiority is a symptom of our increasingly media-saturated culture. She also shows how we can be empowered by stories that express our experience, revealing the value of our emotions as a crucial form of intelligence.Referring discreetly to her own experience, Woodward examines the interpenetration of social structures and subjectivity, considering how psychological emotions are social phenomena, with feminist anger, racial shame, old-age depression, and sympathy for non-human cyborgs (including robots) as key cases in point. She discusses how emerging institutional and discursive structures engender &;new&; affects that in turn can help us understand our changing world if we are attentive to them&;the &;statistical panic&; produced by the risk society, with its numerical portents of disease and mortality; the rage prompted by impenetrable and bloated bureaucracies; the brutal shame experienced by those caught in the crossfire of the media; and the conservative compassion that is not an emotion at all, only an empty political slogan.The orbit of Statistical Panic is wide, drawing in feminist theory, critical phenomenology, and recent theories of the emotions. But at its heart are stories. As an antidote to the vacuous dramas of media culture, with its mock emotions and scattershot sensations, Woodward turns to the autobiographical narrative. Stories of illness&;by Joan Didion, Yvonne Rainer, Paul Monette, and Alice Wexler, among others&;receive special attention, with the inexhaustible emotion of grief framing the book as a whole.


How I Learned to Live With Panic

Free Download How I Learned to Live With Panic by Claire Eastham
English | 2022 | ISBN: 1529112605 | 176 pages | PDF | 1.75 Mb
‘An electric, warm, comforting and funny handbook on panic and how to cope and live alongside it’ Laura Dockrill, author of What Have I Done?


Cancer Don’t Panic!

Free Download Jonathan Chamberlain, "Cancer? Don’t Panic!"
English | 2013 | pages: 81 | ISBN: 1493703803 | PDF | 0,6 mb
This book was written to help you take control of your cancer journey. "Fortune favors the prepared mind." -Louis Pasteur. Cancer is one of the major issues of our times. Why is incidence rising so fast and why hasn’t cancer research come up with the cure? And what should we do if we (or someone close to us) are diagnosed? These are issues that author Jonathan Chamberlain confronts. In this book you will find, 60-plus perceptions, thoughts and insights into cancer and the problems facing the person diagnosed with cancer. "If we make choices without understanding the reasons we are making those choices then we will very likely choose wrongly." Based on 20 years of thinking about cancer, this book will help you understand what the issues are and where to find answers. "I have probably thought about cancer every day since my wife was diagnosed. I am sure if we knew then what I know now she would still be alive." This book was previously published as Sixty Shades of Cancer and has been expanded.