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Barbaric Sport A Global Plague

Free Download John Howe, "Barbaric Sport: A Global Plague"
English | 2012 | pages: 144 | ISBN: 1844678598, 1844679136 | EPUB | 2,0 mb
Marc Perelman pulls no punches in this succinct and searing broadside, assailing the ‘recent form of barbarism’ that is the global sporting event. Forget the Olympics and consider, under Perelman’s guidance, the ledger of inequities maintained by such supposedly harmless games.


Interdisciplinary Insights from the Plague of Cyprian Pathology, Epidemiology, Ecology and History

Free Download Interdisciplinary Insights from the Plague of Cyprian: Pathology, Epidemiology, Ecology and History by Mark Orsag , Amanda E. McKinney , DeeAnn M. Reeder
English | PDF | 2023 | 319 Pages | ISBN : 3031260937 | 6.4 MB
This book tackles the difficult challenge of uncovering the pathogenic cause, epidemiological mechanics and broader historical impacts of an extremely deadly third-century ancient Roman pandemic. The core of this research is embodied in a novel systems synthesis methodology that allows for ground-breaking historical-scientific problem-solving. Through precise historical and scientific problem-solving, analysis and modelling, the authors piece together a holistic puzzle portrait of an ancient plague that is fully consistent, in turn, with both the surviving ancient evidence and the latest in cutting edge twenty-first-century modern medical and molecular phylogenetic science. Demonstrating the broader relevance of the crisis-beset world of the third-century Roman Empire in providing guiding and cautionary historical lessons for the present, this innovative book provides fascinating insights for students and scholars across a range of disciplines.


Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence From Ancient Times to the Present, 4th Edition

Free Download Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence: From Ancient Times to the Present, 4th Edition by George Childs Kohn
English | November 1st, 2021 | ISBN: 0816069352, 0816048932 | 529 pages | True EPUB | 11.78 MB
Tracing the history of infectious diseases from the Philistine plague of 11th century BCE to the COVID-19 pandemic, Encyclopedia of Plague and Pestilence, Fourth Edition is a comprehensive A-to-Z reference offering international coverage of this timely and fascinating subject.