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Reforming UK Public Policy Through Elected Regional Government

Malcolm J. Prowle, "Reforming UK Public Policy Through Elected Regional Government"
English | ISBN: 1032063564 | 2022 | 286 pages | PDF | 5 MB
This book takes an in-depth look at the enormous challenges facing UK public services and considers what might be done to resolve them. The authors are confident that more of the same over-centralised approaches to public policy and so-called "levelling-up" policies will just not work. Instead, they argue for an application of radical measures, involving the creation of elected regional governments in England similar to the devolved arrangements in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Educational Policy Borrowing in China Looking West or looking East

Educational Policy Borrowing in China: Looking West or looking East? By Charlene Tan
2016 | 226 Pages | ISBN: 0415743249 | PDF | 4 MB
For over a decade, Mainland China has been embarking on an ambitious nation-wide education reform (‘New Curriculum Reform’) for its basic education. The reform reflects China’s propensity to borrow selected educational policies from elsewhere, particularly North America and Europe. Chinese scholars have used a local proverb "the West wind has overpowered the East wind" to describe this phenomenon of ‘looking West’.But what do we mean by educational policy borrowing from the West?What are the educational policies in China’s new curriculum reform that are perceived to be borrowed from the West?To what extent have the borrowed educational policies in China’s new curriculum reform been accepted, modified, and rejected by the various educational stakeholders?How does culture influence the various educational stakeholders in China in interpreting and mediating educational policy borrowing from the West?How do the findings of this study on China’s education reform inform and add to the existing theories on and approaches to on cross-cultural educational policy borrowing?This book answers the above questions by critically discussing China’s policy borrowing from the West through its current reform for primary and secondary education. It presents the latest in-depth research findings from a three-year empirical study (2013-2015) with school principals, teachers, students and other educational stakeholders across China. This study offers new insights into China’s educational policy borrowing from the West and international implications on cross-cultural educational transfer for academics, policymakers and educators.


US Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy The Evolution of an Incidental Superpower

Derek S. Reveron, "US Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy: The Evolution of an Incidental Superpower"
English | ISBN: 1626160910 | 2014 | 272 pages | EPUB | 2 MB
Safe from the battlefields of Europe and Asia, the United States led the post-World War II global economic recovery through international assistance and foreign direct investment. With an ardent decolonization agenda and a postwar legitimacy, the United States attempted to construct a world characterized by cooperation. When American optimism clashed with Soviet expansionism, the United States started on a path to global hegemony.