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Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Free Download Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy: Recovery in Mental Health
English | 2023 | ISBN: 3031278364 | 209 Pages | PDF EPUB (True) | 8 MB
This book presents the evidence-based treatments in the context of cognitive behavioral therapy and rehabilitation in various disorders in combination with the clinical experience of the author in private practice. Every chapter is structured in the same form. Part A Basics: introduction, definition, the importance, discussion, revision questions, und Part B Disorders: abstract, introduction, clinical features, evidence-based treatments, discussion, revision questions. The book is addressed to psychology students, medicine students, to researchers, to psychotherapists, to psychiatrists and to non-experts. The language of the book is simple enough, so that non-experts can be informed about issues in mental health. The aim of the book is to minimize the stigma towards mental health problems, to give an optimistic message regarding the modern evidence-based treatments in mental health and to clarify that reintegration into society is a realistic goal nowadays.


A Clinical Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Free Download A Clinical Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy By Deborah Abrahams, Poul Rohleder
2021 | 340 Pages | ISBN: 0815352654 | PDF | 6 MB
A Clinical Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy serves as an accessible and applied introduction to psychodynamic psychotherapy. The book is a resource for psychodynamic psychotherapy that gives helpful and practical guidelines around a range of patient presentations and clinical dilemmas. It focuses on contemporary issues facing psychodynamic psychotherapy practice, including issues around research, neuroscience, mentalising, working with diversity and difference, brief psychotherapy adaptations and the use of social media and technology. The book is underpinned by the psychodynamic competence framework that is implicit in best psychodynamic practice. The book includes a foreword by Prof. Peter Fonagy that outlines the unique features of psychodynamic psychotherapy that make it still so relevant to clinical practice today. The book will be beneficial for students, trainees and qualified clinicians in psychotherapy, psychology, counselling, psychiatry and other allied professions.