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French Sentence Magic [Audiobook] (Repost)

French Sentence Magic (Audiobook)
English | February 27, 2015 | ASIN: B00U2VL2MW | [email protected] kbps | 5h 15m | 135 MB
Author and Narrator: Mark Frobose
Want to break free of boring drills and canned phrases and create and speak your own original sentences in French with phenomenal speed and ease? Say hello to French Sentence Magic!
Here are just a few features of this fabulous program:


No is a complete sentence Learning the sacredness of personal boundaries

"No" is a complete sentence: Learning the sacredness of personal boundaries By Megan LeBoutillier
1995 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0345376471 | PDF | 30 MB
Do you strain to say and do the right thing, and suffer when you fail?Is it hard for you to ask for help…initiate sex…resist unwelcome advances?Do you sometimes feel you almost don’t exist?Believe it or not, "NO" is a complete sentence–and it’s okay to say it whenever you need to, without fear or guilt. Yet many of us find it hard to say "no" because our personal boundaries have become so eroded that we scarcely know where we stop and other people begin.This sympathetic, sane book helps you to free your inner strength and reclaim the healthy center of your life. Drawing on her own experiences, and those of people struggling with this issue, the author explains what personal boundaries are, how they become damaged, and how we can heal them. She also includes a variety of helpful exercises you can do on your own.Written in a direct and personal style, "NO" IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE will encourage anyone who wants to learn to interact with others in a more equal, productive way.