Spacecraft System Design

Free Download Spacecraft System Design
by Zhang Qingjun

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1032453923 | 415 pages | True PDF | 19.81 MB
Drawing on practical engineering experience and latest achievements of space technology in China, this title investigates spacecraft system design and introduces several design methods based on the model development process.


Spacecraft that Explored the Inner Planets Venus and Mercury

Free Download Spacecraft that Explored the Inner Planets Venus and Mercury by Thomas Lund
English | PDF EPUB (True) | 2023 | 366 Pages | ISBN : 3031298373 | 53.7 MB
A series of increasingly capable spacecraft were sent to explore the inner planets Venus and Mercury. The history of that planetary exploration is traced in this book along with the evolution of sophisticated spacecraft that unveiled long-sought secrets of the planets. The spacecraft were ingenious and reflected the best efforts of talented people working with the available technology of the day. Additionally, this book showcases engineering involved in those capable machines.


Simulation of Thermoelastic Behaviour of Spacecraft Structures Fundamentals and Recommendations

Free Download Simulation of Thermoelastic Behaviour of Spacecraft Structures: Fundamentals and Recommendations by Simon Appel
English | EPUB | 2022 | 409 Pages | ISBN : 3030789985 | 97.6 MB
This book provides recommendations for thermal and structural modelling of spacecraft structures for predicting thermoelastic responses. It touches upon the related aspects of the finite element and thermal lumped parameter method. A mix of theoretical and practical examples supports the modelling guidelines. Starting from the system needs of instruments of spacecraft, the reader is supported with the development of the practical requirements for the joint development of the thermal and structural models. It provides points of attention and suggestions to check the quality of the models.