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Phil Speiser WHATTHEKEY v1.1.0

Free Download Phil Speiser WHATTHEKEY v1.1.0 | 7.4 Mb
I made WHATTHEKEY because I was missing a simple but bulletproof MIDI key detection plug-in too many times already. In theory it’s a simple task – but only if your progression or melody contains all 7 notes of the scale – in reality that won’t happen too often. And then the guessing starts. This is why I designed my own algorithm that will help you to get perfect key matches every.


Phil Speiser THE BITE v1.0.0

Free Download Phil Speiser THE_BITE v1.0.0 | 13.4 Mb
Have you ever wondered why some sounds/tracks sound much louder and crispier than others? The two magic words are DYNAMICS and HARMONICS usually. This is what THE_BITE is all about!


Phil Speiser THE PATTERN v1.1.1

Free Download Phil Speiser THE_PATTERN v1.1.1 | 18.5 Mb
THE_PATTERN combines hundreds of Drum Samples and Drum Patterns in an extremely smart and intuitive workflow providing instant release ready results that can be easily tweaked and modified until they are exactly as you want them to be.