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Spin Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials A Theoretical Study

Spin Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Quantum Materials: A Theoretical Study by Marc Vila Tusell
English | EPUB | 2022 | 169 Pages | ISBN : 3030861139 | 28.1 MB
This thesis focuses on the exploration of nontrivial spin dynamics in graphene-based devices and topological materials, using realistic theoretical models and state-of-the-art quantum transport methodologies. The main outcomes of this work are: (i) the analysis of the crossover from diffusive to ballistic spin transport regimes in ultraclean graphene nonlocal devices, and (ii) investigation of spin transport and spin dynamics phenomena (such as the (quantum) spin Hall effect) in novel topological materials, such as monolayer Weyl semimetals WeTe2 and MoTe2.


Spin Dictators The Changing Face of Tyranny in the 21st Century [Audiobook]

English | ASIN: B09RBGCKWL | 2022 | 9 hours and 23 minutes | MP3 | M4B | 258 MB
Hitler, Stalin, and Mao ruled through violence, fear, and ideology. But in recent decades, a new breed of media-savvy strongmen has been redesigning authoritarian rule for a more sophisticated, globally connected world. In place of overt mass repression, rulers such as Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Viktor Orbán control their citizens by distorting information and simulating democratic procedures. Like spin doctors in democracies, they spin the news to engineer support. Uncovering this new brand of authoritarianism, Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman explain the rise of such "spin dictators", describing how they emerge and operate, the new threats they pose, and how democracies should respond.