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Still Life with Bones Genocide, Forensics, and What Remains [Audiobook]

Free Download Still Life with Bones: Genocide, Forensics, and What Remains (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0B644GDPN | 2023 | 8 hours and 8 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 224 MB
Author: Alexa Hagerty
Narrator: Rose Akroyd

An anthropologist working with forensic teams and victims’ families to investigate crimes against humanity in Latin America explores what science can tell us about the lives of the dead in this haunting account of grief, the power of ritual, and a quest for justice. "Exhumation can divide brothers and restore fathers, open old wounds and open the possibility of regeneration-of building something new with the ‘pile of broken mirrors’ that is memory, loss, and mourning." Throughout Guatemala’s thirty-six-year armed conflict, state forces killed more than two hundred thousand people. Argentina’s military dictatorship disappeared up to thirty thousand people. In the wake of genocidal violence, families of the missing searched for the truth. Young scientists joined their fight against impunity. Gathering evidence in the face of intimidation and death threats, they pioneered the field of forensic exhumation for human rights.


Still, I Cannot Save You A Memoir of Sisterhood, Love, and Letting Go [Audiobook]

Still, I Cannot Save You: A Memoir of Sisterhood, Love, and Letting Go (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0B8T6MP48 | 2023 | 8 hours and 16 minutes | [email protected] kbps | 228 MB
Author: Kelly S. Thompson
Narrator: Kelly S. Thompson

With honesty, love, and humour, in this moving memoir, Kelly S. Thompson explores her relationship with her older sister, Meghan. Tested by addiction, abuse, and illness, the sisters’ relationship crumbles, only to be rebuilt into an everlasting bond. Kelly Thompson and her older sister, Meghan, are proof that sisterhood doesn’t always equate to friendship. Growing up within a military family, the girls were close despite being temperamental opposites-Kelly, anxious and studious, looked to her big sister for comfort, and Meghan, who battled kidney cancer as a toddler, was gregarious and protective. But as she approached adulthood, Meghan spiralled into a cocaine and opioid addiction, and Kelly’s relationship with her sister was torn apart.


Still Hot! 42 Brilliantly Honest Menopause Stories

Still Hot!: 42 Brilliantly Honest Menopause Stories by Kaye Adams, Vicky Allan
English | June 17, 2021 | ISBN: 1785303376 | 336 pages | PDF (Converted) | 8.85 Mb
‘We mustn’t be scared of the menopause . . . I always say, Don’t suffer in silence. Get help. There is help out there. There is understanding.’ LORRAINE KELLY


Stopping How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going

Stopping: How to Be Still When You Have to Keep Going By David Kundtz
1998 | 276 Pages | ISBN: 1573241091 | EPUB | 1 MB
Stopping is a simple, straightforward technique for "doing nothing, as much as possible, for a definite period of time, with the purpose of becoming more awake and remembering who you are," so that you can live more purposefully and peacefully.


Still Starving After All These Years The Hidden Origins of War, Oppression and Inequality

Still Starving After All These Years: The Hidden Origins of War, Oppression and Inequality By Jeri Studebaker
2021 | 216 Pages | ISBN: 178904488X | EPUB | 1 MB
Do you want an end to war and inequality? Civilizations the world over have produced spectacular innovations; monumental architecture, complex mathematics, magnificent art, and the invention of writing, to name a few. Civilizations have also produced several unsavory "innovations", which to the modern mind seem an inevitable part of living in civilized society. Large-scale architecture was invented to store hoarded food and other goods, produced by the enslaved masses but enjoyed by the powerful elite. Writing was invented to keep track of hoarded commodities. Institutionalized warfare was invented to steal slaves, who could produce more for the monumental storage containers. A striking parallel with today’s governments’ violent obsessions over endless growth. This prevailing mindset can and must be undone or else we risk the annihilation of humanity.



STILL IN LOVE WITH MY EX: Glaring Signs Your Ex Is Still In Love With You After Breakup, And Actionable Tips To Getting Back Your Relationship Or Getting Over Your Breakup by Clay Thompson
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B3HJJHCC | 60 pages | EPUB | 0.13 Mb
Want to Get Your Ex Back or Move on? – Keep Reading!