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DameWare Remote Support

Free Download DameWare Remote Support | 174 Mb
DameWare Remote Support (DRS) is an affordable and easy-to-use systems administration and remote IT support tool that allows you to simplify and accelerate customer support. Wherever your end-users are located, you can remotely access their systems with the built-in DameWare Mini Remote Control software, and use the system tools on the DameWare Remote Support console to provide faster remote assistance.


Spaceflight Life Support and Biospherics

Free Download Spaceflight Life Support and Biospherics by Peter Eckart
English | PDF | 1996 | Pages | ISBN : 0792338898 | 42.7 MB
Spaceflight Life Support and Biospherics is the introduction to space life support systems and artificial ecosystems that has so far been lacking. It is a source of information for everyone involved in the life support system design and development process – engineers, scientists, and students – as well as all those who are simply interested in this existing discipline. The structure of this book is such that it gives step-by-step answers to the basic questions concerning life support systems on any scale – from small microbial systems to the Earth’s biosphere:


Sepecat Jaguar Tactical Support and Maritime Strike Fighter

Free Download Martin Bowman, "Sepecat Jaguar: Tactical Support and Maritime Strike Fighter"
English | 2007 | pages: 64 | ISBN: 1848842376 | EPUB | 11,7 mb
This versatile, rugged aircraft was a joint Anglo/French project and first flew in September 1968, becoming operational with both the RAF and Armée de l’Air in 1972/3. The Jaguar’s multi-role design made it easy to adapt for the ground-attack, reconnaissance, interceptor and maritime strike roles. It has a top speed of Mach 0 .9 and a combat radius of 875 miles and is powered by two Rolls-Royce/Turboméca Adour reheated turbojets. A total of 325 single-seat and 75 two-seat trainer aircraft were produced for the RAF and French air forces and a few Jaguars were still in RAF service in the early part of the 21st Century pending replacement by the Eurofighter Typhoon. Many of the Jaguar pilot’s first hand accounts recall their involvement in war and peace. The aircraft was used extensively by both the RAF and French air forces in the Gulf War in 1991 and in eastern European conflicts where the aircraft distinguished itself as reliable and potent. Jaguar Internationals have been exported to Ecuador, Nigeria and Oman and also India, which continues indigenous production. Jaguars continue to serve with the Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force of Oman.


Landing Craft, Infantry and Fire Support

Free Download Peter Bull, "Landing Craft, Infantry and Fire Support"
English | 2009 | pages: 52 | ISBN: 1846034353 | PDF | 19,6 mb
Described by one soldier as "a metal box designed by a sadist to move soldiers across the water," the Landing Craft, Infantry was a large beaching craft intended to transport and deliver an infantry rifle company to a hostile shore, once the beachhead was secured. The LCI, or as it was more commonly known, "Elsie Item," and its vehicle-delivery counterpart, the Landing Ship, Medium (LSM), were widely used by the allies during amphibious operations during World War II. They were mid-sized beaching craft filling the gap between the much larger LST and the many types of smaller bow-ramped, open cargo compartment landing craft. The LCI and LSM were the smallest landing ships assigned a Bureau of Ships hull number.


ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Review Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition

Free Download Michael Zevitz, Scott Plantz, William Gossman, "ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition"
English | 2007 | pages: 116 | ISBN: 0071492577 | EPUB | 10,2 mb
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Autoimmune Survival Guide Support for people suffering from autoimmune and other trauma-driven conditions

Free Download Autoimmune Survival Guide
by Malvina Bartmanski

English | 2023 | ISBN: 9781779950123 | 198 pages | True EPUB | 9.26 MB
Autoimmune conditions are on the rise, with more and more people, young and old, experiencing the frustrating and debilitating symptoms of conditions that seem to be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat with conventional medicine alone. Trauma and prolonged stress in particular disrupt healthy body-functioning and can trigger or exacerbate autoimmune and other similar conditions. Those affected by chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s, lupus, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune conditions often feel helpless and disheartened by their fluctuating symptoms and the havoc they wreak on their lives, impacting their work and relationships. Malvina approaches autoimmunity and other trauma-driven conditions holistically to look for their roots in trauma and prolonged stress, and find ways to improve health and restore vitality. She draws on psychological, natural and ancient practices that have been shown to help those affected by autoimmune conditions to reduce their stress load, boost their body’s defences and re-establish internal balance. Her book is packed with practical help and options to try, as well as a deep understanding of the frustrations of those affected by autoimmune conditions.