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Taking Charge of Your Career [Audiobook]

Free Download Taking Charge of Your Career
Author: Harvard Business Review
Narrator: Leanne Woodward

English | 2023 | ASIN: B0BXB76VLK | [email protected] kbps | 4h | 330 MB
As a woman, navigating your career path can be challenging. At times you’re faced with lack of support, unconscious bias and negative assumptions, disruptive career pauses, and more. So how can you get beyond these obstacles and progress your career in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling?


Taking Charge Of Meetings

Free Download Taking Charge Of Meetings
Published 3/2023
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This course will give you expert training in how to take charge of meetings, and increase your team’s engagement


Immigration and Crime Taking Stock

Free Download Immigration and Crime: Taking Stock by Charis E. Kubrin , Graham C. Ousey
English | PDF | 2023 | 101 Pages | ISBN : 3031228383 | 2.85 MB
This brief examines various dimensions of the immigration-crime relationship in the United States. It evaluates a range of theories and arguments asserting an immigration-crime link, reviews studies examining its nature and predictors, and considers the impacts of immigration policy. Synthesizing a diverse body of scholarship across many disciplinary fields, this brief is a comprehensive resource for researchers engaged in questions of linkages between crime and immigration, citizenship, and race/ethnicity, and for those seeking to separate fact from fiction on an issue of great scientific and social importance.


FXPHD – Taking Houdini Digital Assets to the Next Level

DownloadFXPHD – Taking Houdini Digital Assets to the Next Level
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Genre / Category:3D Tutorials
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Digital Assets are at the center of everyday use of Houdini. You have probably created HDAs and also downloaded some created by others. The goal of this course is to analyze what makes a good HDA and how you can apply these concepts to create more robust Digital Assets. As a follow up to HOU140 – Houdini FX Tool Building Foundation, this intermediate course assumes some basic knowledge of Houdini and how HDAs work.  The whole course revolves around a realistic production scenario that involves creating a Digital Asset for creating roof tiles on a variety of buildings. The first classes will go over the creation of the user interface and present some techniques for making more user friendly HDAs. The next classes will continue the development by improving the performance and the iteration times of the HDA as well as best practices for organizing the internals of the HDA, validating input attributes and performing error checks, documenting and debugging.  The last part of the course will cover tips for updating HDAs and introduce 2 new techniques for automating tests that check the integrity of the HDA by performing geometry and render comparisons in Python. The last classes will cover some more Python tips and tricks that can be applied to HDAs, which will lead to the finalization of the roof tiles generator project. By the end of this course you will have learned enough techniques to create better, more reliable and more user friendly HDAs.


Taking Control by Nicola Nichols

Taking Control by Nicola Nichols
English | [email protected] kbps | 48 min | 66.8 MB
On a business trip to exotic, erotic Asia, Colin finds himself in an unusual, and sexually charged situation. He’s accidentally been booked into the same hotel room as a lovely Eurasian woman. Neither of them has said a word, but her smoldering look is challenging him to take action. Taking control, his girlfriend pointed out before he left, isn’t his strength, but in the cauldron the hotel room has become, he reaches deep and musters the courage to not be nice, to be the kind of man he’s fantasized of being. It’s his chance to change the mediocrity of his life into something exciting.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~For Colin, the trip to Asia was a dream come true. His company was sending him there, first to Bangkok, and then to Kuala Lumpur, where he was to have talks with vendors about delivery and quality problems. "Take charge," his boss had said. "Get those people in line."The idea of the trip suited him on two important fronts: He’d been looking for a chance to prove himself to his boss, to stand out from the herd. If he did well, they would promote him and he’d be doing more traveling and making more money. What could be better? On a personal note, Colin had fantasized about Asia for as long as he could remember. In his mind it represented the erotic as well as the exotic and unknown. He wanted to experience it firsthand.. You didn’t get to know Asia by watching travel blogs.