Single Molecule Toroics
by Keith Murray

English | 2022 | ISBN: 3031117085 | 242 pages | True PDF EPUB | 60.9 MB
This book consists of chapters written by international experts on various aspects of single molecule toroics (SMTs).The chapters cover a broad range of relevant topics and highlight the latest advances performed in the field. An up-to-date overview of the emerging SMT architectures is presented while particular attention is given to not only the magnetism and relaxation effects involved but also to the respective applications in advanced electronics and memory devices. The role that lanthanides play -especially that of dysprosium- is discussed, while a thorough analysis using theoretical/ab initio calculations is provided. Since SMTs have grown out of single molecule magnetism (SMM), it is an expanding and topical subject and the present book will engender excitement and interest amongst chemists, physicists, theoreticians and materials scientists. The volume will be of great interest to researchers and graduates working on this topic and particularly those involved in lanthanide chemistry, magnetism and theory.