Somber Stroll by Mark Tullius
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Short-but-sweet collection by Mark Tullius, one of the hardest-hitting horror authors around. Included are five somber strolls through what could be any suburban town. Find yourself:an overworked father trying to protect his sonan injured construction worker questioning realitya sensitive teenage girl watching a mixed martial arts battleto the deathan agingDJ granting asickgirl’s glorious last wishThe fifth and finaltale is a shocking jaunt through the author’s mind, full of juicy revelations and admissions.These bizarre and bloody tales will leave you begging for more.I went into these pages not having any familiarity with Mr. Tullius. The stories are quick and very involved with the first person narrative of the author acting the part in each offering. I am going to be exploring Mark Tullius further and am looking forward to reading his work in true novel form…the short stories being so intriguing that I have to imaginehis "full length " work will be quite the adventure.– Dahne1004