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Resistance The Underground War Against Hitler, 1939-1945 [Audiobook]

English | ASIN: B0B32XPYZ8 | 2022 | 46 hours and 15 minutes | MP3 | M4B | 1.24 GB
A monumental history that finally integrates the many resistance movements against Nazi hegemony across Europe into a single, sweeping narrative. It’s almost shocking to think that now, more than seventy years after the Nazi surrender in 1945, there is not a single volume that has attempted to unify the resistance movements that convulsed Europe during the brutal years of occupation. In her extraordinary work, Resistance, Halik Kochanski does just that, creating a prodigiously researched account that becomes the first to bring these disparate histories into a single narrative. Taking us from France in the west to parts of the Soviet Union in the east, Resistance reveals why and how small bands of individuals undertook actions that could lead not merely to their own deaths, but to the destruction of their entire communities. As Kochanski demonstrates, most who joined up were ordinary people who would not have been expected-even by themselves-to become heroes. Simultaneously panoramic and heartbreakingly intimate, Resistance is an incomparable history necessary for any home library.