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Verse Going Viral China’s New Media Scenes

Free Download Verse Going Viral: China’s New Media Scenes By Heather Inwood
2014 | 274 Pages | ISBN: 0295993693 | PDF | 2 MB
Verse Going Viral examines what happens when poetry, a central pillar of traditional Chinese culture, encounters an era of digital media and unabashed consumerism in the early twenty-first century. Heather Inwood sets out to unravel a paradox surrounding modern Chinese poetry: while poetry as a representation of high culture is widely assumed to be marginalized to the point of "death," poetry activity flourishes across the country, benefiting from China’s continued self-identity as a "nation of poetry" (shiguo) and from the interactive opportunities created by the internet and other forms of participatory media. Through a cultural studies approach that treats poetry as a social rather than a purely textual form, Inwood considers how meaning is created and contested both within China’s media-savvy poetry scenes and by members of the public, who treat poetry with a combination of reverence and ridicule.As the first book to deal explicitly with the discourses and functioning of scenes within the Chinese cultural context, Verse Going Viral will be of value to students and scholars of Chinese literature, cultural studies, and media, as well as to general readers interested in China’s dynamic cultural scenes.


The Owl and the Nightingale A New Verse Translation

Free Download Simon Armitage, "The Owl and the Nightingale: A New Verse Translation "
English | ISBN: 0691202168 | 2022 | 144 pages | PDF | 1450 KB
From the UK Poet Laureate and bestselling translator of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, a complete verse translation of a spirited and humorous medieval English poem


Novels in Verse for Teens A Guidebook with Activities for Teachers and Librarians

Free Download Lisa Krok, "Novels in Verse for Teens: A Guidebook with Activities for Teachers and Librarians"
English | ISBN: 144087493X | 2020 | 164 pages | EPUB | 6 MB
Novels in verse are popular and have recently won some important awards. They are of great value to teachers and librarians as a way of reaching all teens, including marginalized teens and those who may be struggling or reluctant readers. This guide shows readers how to pair books with teens based on their needs, interests, and specific situations. After teens are paired with books, this guide suggests activities to further engage them with the poetry. Activities are tied to Common Core and AASL standards for ease of lesson planning for teachers.