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Border Spaces Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Frontera

Katherine G. Morrissey, John-Michael H. Warner, "Border Spaces: Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Frontera"
English | 2018 | pages: 249 | ISBN: 0816539464, 0816537232 | PDF | 4,5 mb
The built environment along the U.S.-Mexico border has long been a hotbed of political and creative action. In this volume, the historically tense region and visually provocative margin-the southwestern United States and northern Mexico-take center stage. From the borderlands perspective, the symbolic importance and visual impact of border spaces resonate deeply.


Visualizing Elementary Social Studies Methods

John Lee, "Visualizing Elementary Social Studies Methods"
English | 2007 | ISBN: 0471720666 | PDF | pages: 449 | 81.0 mb
This debut edition of Visualizing Elementary Social Studies offers students a unique way to explore issues and ideas about how to teach social studies using text, pictures, and graphics brought together in a stimulating and thoughtful design.