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Arabic in Context Celebrating 400 Years of Arabic at Leiden University

Free Download Ahmad Al-Jallad, "Arabic in Context: Celebrating 400 Years of Arabic at Leiden University "
English, العربية | ISBN: 9004343032 | 2017 | 507 pages | PDF | 3 MB
The writing of Arabic’s linguistic history is by definition an interdisciplinary effort, the result of collaboration between historical linguists, epigraphists, dialectologists, and historians. The present volume seeks to catalyse a dialogue between scholars in various fields who are interested in Arabic’s past and to illustrate how much there is to be gained by looking beyond the traditional sources and methods. It contains 15 innovative studies ranging from pre-Islamic epigraphy to the modern spoken dialect, and from comparative Semitics to Middle Arabic. The combination of these perspectives hopes to stand as an important methodological intervention, encouraging a shift in the way Arabic’s linguistic history is written.



English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BL87JRLM | 1078 pages | EPUB | 57 Mb
This work was conceived with the aim of supporting the learning process of those students who are taking their first steps in the area of calculus. The development of the solved exercises present a series of novel characteristics that facilitate the understanding of the student, among some of them are: 1. The incorporation of a column in the right margin of the resolution of the exercises where the mathematical operation used is briefly explained in each step; 2. Some exercises were solved by two different procedures to show the reader the variety of alternatives they can use to address a derivative problem; 3. The steps required for the resolution of an exercise was carried out gradually trying to avoid simplifications and breaking down the derivative operations so that after performing them they are regrouped obtaining the final answer. All these characteristics in the design and development of the text make it an ideal tool to achieve independent learning by the student or cooperatively with their fellow students.


Simple Checkmates More Than 400 Exercises for Novices of All Ages!

Simple Checkmates: More Than 400 Exercises for Novices of All Ages! By A.J. Gilliam
1996 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 034540307X | PDF | 7 MB
Here is the classic guide to winning chess for beginners. Recommended by chess coaches the world over, it presents a wide range of specific chess positions and asks the reader to find the next move or series of moves that lead to checkmate — with two diagrams per page and the answers spelled out underneath.The beauty of Simple Checkmates is that it turns learning into a game. It’s fun, it’s fascinating, it’s fundamental — an invaluable tool for anyone who wants not only to play chess, but to win at chess. With more than 430 diagrams in all, this book is certain to take you — or your children — to a whole new level op play.