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Maria Wendt – Our Ads Course Download 2024

Free Download Maria Wendt – Our Ads Course Download File Links

What’s included?

My entire ads system for getting thousands of new sales each month (nothing held back!)
Instructions are shown in a step-by-step tutorial style so even the most “tech-challenged” can do this
My actual ad creatives, ad copy, and EVEN my ad targeting (99% of advertisers keep this to themselves!)
A detailed and thorough walk-through of my sales pages, so you can replicate them in your business
Our secret hacks to getting jaw-dropping conversion rates
Our profitable scaling ads methods (this can be the trickiest part to figure out on your own!)
Our exclusive $5/day ads strategy that you can implement right away if you don’t have a big ads budget
[Bonus] Our secret way of getting amazing reviews and boosting the engagement on our ads to get even more eyeballs on them
[Bonus] A step-by-step checklist of everything you need so you can get your ads up in less than 24 hrs


Nick Theriot – Facebook Ads That Scale Download 2024

Free Download Nick Theriot – Facebook Ads That Scale Download File Links


Chapter 1 – Advanced Marketing Fundamentals

Chapter 2 – How To Perform Market Research

Chapter 3 – How To Create Ads That Convert

Chapter 4 – How To Film Content

Chapter 5 – How To Organize Creative Team

Chapter 6 – Ad Account Ad Setup

Chapter 7 – Ad Account Management

Chapter 8 – Weekly Calls

Chapter 9 – The Ad Vault

Chapter 10 – BFCM War Map