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Banking, Risk and Crises in Europe

Free Download Banking, Risk and Crises in Europe: From the Global Financial Crisis to COVID-19
English | 2023 | ISBN: 103239742X | 197 Pages | PDF (True) | 4 MB
European economies have been plagued by successive crises, from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) to the COVID-19 pandemic, through to the economic and geopolitical instability in Ukraine. These events, the uncertainty they generate combined with dynamic technological progress and significant sociocultural changes, have profoundly modified the character of modern finance. Understanding what happened, what mechanisms worked, and the reaction of the banking sector, bank customers, and policymakers require an in-depth and structured analysis.


Monetary Economics, Banking and Policy

Penelope Hawkins, "Monetary Economics, Banking and Policy "
English | ISBN: 0367695650 | 2022 | 260 pages | PDF | 4 MB
This edited collection seeks to advance thinking on money and the monetary nature of the economy, macroeconomic analysis and economic policy, setting it within the context of current scholarship and global socioeconomic concerns, and the crisis in the economics discipline. A key aim is to highlight the central contribution that Sheila Dow has made to these fields.