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Free Download Richard E. Bonney, "Beekeeping"
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1603421734, 0882668617 | EPUB | pages: 193 | 3.3 mb
Keep your own bees and enjoy delicious golden honey from your own backyard. With his respect and admiration for bees evident on every page, Richard E. Bonney describes how to acquire bees, manage a hive, prevent and treat diseases, and extract a crop of honey. Enthusiastic beekeepers of every stripe and experience level will benefit from Bonney’s astonishing knowledge of the craft – from beekeeping history and honeybee biology to the complex social structure of the hive. Categories Farm & Agriculture Home and Design Science & Nature Number of pages 192 Publication date September 24, 2012 ISBN 9781603421737


Honey Bees, Beekeeping and Bee Products

Free Download Honey Bees, Beekeeping and Bee Products
English | 2024 | ISBN: 103240650X | 224 Pages | PDF (True) | 11.4 MB
Honey bees are social insects; they live together in large, well-organized family groups comprising three castes: queen (fertile female), workers (sterile females) and drones (males). During honey flow season, there is a considerable increase in the foraging activity of the workers and in the rate of egg laying by the queen. Sex determination in honey bees involves a multi-allelic locus, such that homozygotes develop as males and heterozygotes as females, whereas diet quality influences the caste determination in honey bees. Like all living organisms, honey bees can be infested with diseases and pests. Some of these are more deleterious to bee colonies than others, but it is important for the beekeeper to be able to recognize conditions that might be disease or pest-related and respond accordingly so as to improve the quality of honey and honey bee by-products.


Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping

Free Download Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping
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Learn how to successfully raise your own queen using a graftless method suitable for all hive designs.
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