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RedefineFX – Chaos Phoenix Beginner Liquid Simulation Course 2.0

Free Download RedefineFX – Chaos Phoenix Beginner Liquid Simulation Course 2.0
RedefineFX | Duration: 3 h | Video: H264 1920×1016 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 4,62 GB | Language: English
Go from Beginner to Pro at Making Realistic Liquid Simulations with Chaos Phoenix
After an amazing response to the tyFlow Basecamp & Deepdive, I’m bringing the same course format to Chaos Phoenix. Follow me along step-by-step as we cover a wide range of simulation scenarios, including an in-depth look at foam & bubble simulations, delicious viscous liquids, melting, freezing, and other condition-based effects using the Particle Tuner, interaction with tyFlow, liquid morphing & other forces, RGB mixing, Wetmaps, realistic slow-motion water splashes, and much more. While the general misconception is that these sims take forever, I’ve found they’re very fast if you set them up correctly from the start (I’ll show you the proper workflow). With 60+ videos (most content I’ve ever recorded for a course), this one is truly jam-packed, but don’t worry – everything is made in the same beginner-friendly, to-the-point teaching style (with ALL project files included!) you’re used to from me, and all of the new concepts will be crystal clear by the time you’re done with the course. You can immediately take this practical knowledge and apply it to your work, whether it’s for Archviz, Productviz or High-End commercials & motion design. I’ve used these effects to attract amazing clients and charge thousands of dollars per project & I’m giving away everything I’ve learned over 5 years of using Phoenix in this value-packed, Beginner -> Pro course. And why the 2.0 in the title? This course is a new, completely rebuilt and expanded version of the original 2019 Phoenix FD Beginner Liquid FX Course 1.0