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La Bible du Boudoir

Free Download La Bible du Boudoir de Betony Vernon
Français | 3 novembre 2016 | ISBN: 2221196414 | True EPUB | 386 pages | 10.2 MB
Une sublime couverture rouge pour envelopper cette édition enrichie du guide du plaisir désinhibé au XXIe siècle.


SLR Lounge – How to Sell Boudoir Albums

Free Download SLR Lounge – How to Sell Boudoir Albums.
File Name:SLR Lounge – How to Sell Boudoir Albums —>Home Page :https://www.slrloungeworkshops.com/login —>Genre / Category:Photography —>File Size :2.8 GB–>Publisher:slrloungeworkshops| Updated and Published:December 21, 2023 –>Product Details
en Rozenbaum, a renowned boudoir photographer, educator, podcaster, and advocate for breast cancer patients/survivors/previvors, shares her expertise in boudoir photography and details her workflow for selling boudoir photo albums. The process, as you’ll learn, begins with booking, weaves throughout the photo session, and culminates in the presentation and sale of the album(s). No matter which photography genre you work in, selling albums represents a great opportunity to boost your income. Thanks to the team at Fundy Designer, we have access to top-tier mentorship for creating and selling albums that showcase our work in a way our clients will cherish for generations. Those who have a SLR Lounge subscription do already have an access to this. They don’t sell this as a standalone course.


The Boudoir Bible The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today [Audiobook]

Free Download The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today (Audiobook)
English | ASIN: B0CCGFW21H | 2023 | 11 hours and 41 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 334 MB
Author: Betony Vernon
Narrator: Betony Vernon

A comprehensive and instructional guide to the new sexual landscape, covering "new territories" such as bondage, role playing, and sex toys that would make your parents blush. Since the publication of The Joy of Sex, the sexual landscape’s boundaries have been expanded to include a host of practices that are unthinkable in that classic tome. Although it also covers the basics, The Boudoir Bible fills those niches missing from other sex guides nicely, with full elaborated chapters on rope bondage, restraints of sound and sight, erotic flagellation, and the stimulation of new erogenous zones, among innumerable other offerings. Well-researched, The Boudoir Bible is written from a joyful, sex-positive point of view. Going beyond the "lovemaking" of older guides, this witty and uninhibited tome expands the sexual act to encompass "verboten" topics, with chapters entitled "The Genital Gym," "Nipple Tease," "Male Ejaculation Control," and "The Anthems of Anal Sex. The Boudoir Bible provides a fresh view of sexuality in the twenty-first century.


Bambi Cantrell – Posing Boudoir With Hot Lights

Free Download Bambi Cantrell – Posing Boudoir With Hot Lights
File Name:Bambi Cantrell – Posing Boudoir With Hot Lights —>Home Page :http://www.cantrellportrait.com/ —>Genre / Category:Photography —>File Size :1.1GB–>Publisher:cantrellportraitUpdated and Published:October 10, 2023 –>Product Details
Bambi Cantrell has been photographing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. Her passion for capturing the decisive moment and her subsequent creative style have made her a household name in the photographic industry. In this course she will teach you Posing Boudoir With Hot Lights..


The Portrait Masters – The Kara Marie Boudoir Bundle (Tutorials + Presets)

Free Download The Portrait Masters – The Kara Marie Boudoir Bundle (Tutorials + Presets)
Content Source:https://theportraitmasters.com/product/the-kara-marie-bundle/
Genre / Category:Photography-File Size :15.1GB
In this series, Kara Marie will show you common boudoir posing mistakes and how to easily correct them to create a more flattering pose from head to toe. She’ll also break down her top 10 selling poses that have increased her average sales to over $3,800 per client and teach you how to master the selling points of your studio’s products to confidently be able to present them to your clients. By the end of this course, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want your brand to say, who you want to speak to, how you can market your brand’s message to attract the right clients, and so much more. Be inspired by Kara Marie’s philosophies and discover why boudoir is a powerful genre of photography